Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong violated his contract for the ‘Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games’

Kim Hyun Joong violated his contract for the ‘Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games’

Kim Hyun Joong was previously reported to be participating in the opening ceremony for the 16th “Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games“ on November 12th, but it has recently been revealed that he violated his contract terms.

On November 5th, a news report by the Beijing Youth Daily included an interview with Chun Wei, the director for the opening ceremony. He stated, “We’ve been put in an extremely difficult situation due to the disclosure of Kim Hyun Joong participating in the opening ceremony. China has been keeping the names of our own singers under the utmost secrecy, so it’s difficult for us to understand why he went ahead and revealed it.”

He continued, “The point of the ceremony is to reveal who is singing the theme song on the day of the actual ceremony. We’re extremely shocked to hear that news of his participation have already been reported. He even signed the contract agreeing to keep the information a secret. Kim Hyun Joong violated the contract and it’s very unfortunate.”

Yet despite his disappointment, the director went on to express his understanding for the singer. ”The opening ceremony will hold a 100,000 member audience. Since it will also be broadcast live through TV, over a billion people will be watching Kim Hyun Joong. He probably thought of this as an honor and wanted to get it known. I understand his actions and will not ask him to take responsibility for it.”

CNN to Hold Exclusive Interview with Kim Hyun Joong For Playful Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong

With the ongoing release of special episodes for ‘Playful Kiss’ via Youtube, the drama has been gaining worldwide attention even after the completion of the drama. American news channel CNN has picked up on the international sensation, and offered to conduct an exclusive review on its success. Main star Kim Hyun Joong will be interviewed for the special coverage, as well as Group Eight Publisher Song Byung Joon, and Google Director Seo Hwang Wook.

It was reported that the interviewer will be one of CNN’s main anchors, Anna Core, who will be asking Kim Hyun Joong about the success of ‘Playful Kiss’, as well as his thoughts on acting alongside female lead, Jung So Min.

Additionally, Anna Core will be asking producer Song Byung Joon about his secret know-hows for successful productions. She will also seek informed answers from the Google Director about the impact of the special web episodes.

CNN became greatly interested in ‘Playful Kiss’, ever since the first Youtube special episode received over 520,000 views in just two days after its release.

As of the 5th, the first special episode has received 768,591 views, while the 2nd episode recorded 438,178 hits – totaling to a whopping 1,756,175 views in such a short span of time.

Even the comments replying to ‘Playful Kiss’ episodes alone reached over 3,400 posts. The comments aren’t just made by Korean fans either, as there have been numerous contributions in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Youtube has been collaborating with subbing community Viikii in order to respond to the demand of international fans by subbing in various languages.

Song Byung Joon stated, “We were able to realize through the comments and views of the special episodes that even content which is only aired in Korea gain an incredible amount of worldwide fans. It has been very helpful, being able to break the cultural barrier and communicate with, as well as listen to, the responses of our worldwide fans in real-time.”

Lee Wonji, the President of Google Korea, also expressed, “Youtube has become the #1 largest worldwide online video site where, for example, albums of famous Korean artists are revealed first. Many national broadcast producers have already gained interest in Youtube due to the success of ‘Playful Kiss’. Since Youtube will always be open for use, we hope that more national producers take advantage of this global platform.”

The interview will take place at an undisclosed location in Seoul on November 7th.

Reason Behind Kim Hyun Joong's Popularity?

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyunjoong and Jung Somin's drama [Playful Kiss] has revealed its special youtube edition.

The production company Group Eight has had released its first episode of this special youtube edition beginning 2nd November onwards with approximately 10 minutes per all 7 episodes through Youtube platform.

In the 1st episode of [Playful Kiss - Special Edition], it portrayed the after marriage life of Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha-ni after a year. International and domestic fans who have watched Episode 1 of this exclaimed with statements like, "Kim Hyunjoong-Jung Somin couple is just too cute and adorable. I'm anticipating what the remaining episodes have in stores", showing feverish responses.

=What is the reason behind international and domestic fans' ardent frenzy over Kim Hyunjoong?=

Doctor Han Seung-sub from Geumsanhan Clinic who is Kim Hyunjoong's dermatologist expresses, "Kim Hyunjoong possesses flattering looks. His pure, white gem-like complexion does not contain acnes nor melasma, it's just perfect as he has wholly kept to his status as a noble prince. However his perfect complexion is not for granted. He wasn't born with it that way. It's about his self efforts as in order to maintain acknowledgement gained from fans".

Another doctor from the clinic also added, "With Kim Hyunjoong ssi's current status due to all stress and fatigue coming in from all directions, it's very easy for him to develop acnes and every thing. However, in order to appear in the best state ever before his fans, he has always been sticking to continuous development of himself in areas of appearance, acting-wise and vocal-wise. The reason why international and domestic fans ardently love him so much is exactly because of the way he loves his fans and how he brings his self-worth to a higher level as he never fails to work hard with his wanting of proving to everyone. Kim Hyunjoong ssi is a world star who will be able to deliver the passionate image of Korea to fans all across the globe".

Even the ad-world who has always been ever sensitive to the responses and feedbacks of audiences rated as well, "Kim Hyunjoong is the perfect model who is receiving so much support from a wide range of age base".

A related personnel who works alongside Kim Hyunjoong in the advertising world expressed, "He possesses that soft and gentle musculine beauty as well as a tough image of self-protection from which he reflects", "He is able to bring out the concept in modelling advertisements as he understands it well, he could hold a sophisticated appeal that belongs to him, only. A healthy and neat looking noble prince - only solely Kim Hyunjoong".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Park Jung Min Working Out In The Gym

Park Jung Min Working Out In The Gym

Jung Min posted new pictures in his Facebook, under the album Keep Fit. Wow, Mal is really very determined to keep fit. But I hope he doesn't overdo it! I love seeing him more voluptuous than ultra thin. Keke

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Jun came back from Japan today

Baby Jun came back from Japan today... and the sweet boy didn't fail to inform everyone on Twitter. He looks happy and healthy, don't you think? Ya, did you have a good time in Japan, Maknae?



Friday, October 22, 2010

Playful Kiss Behind The Scenes (Bed & Kiss Scenes)

My son!~
During the process of making such a difficult decision, you must have been so confused, troubled and pained?
Have to take into consideration of so many people, yet you, who choose good sense in the end.
Countless battles with yourself alone, as well as the decision you made on your own, I understand how tired you have been.
The lures of the glorious, looking good, fame and money……
Together with your close friendship with Kyu Jong who has yet to sign a contract, you two did not choose money, instead you both have chosen good sense…. (I want) to give my son who has grown into an adult an applause of respect for this decision.
Right now you are no longer a child, you are as adult as I am (When Dad was at son’s age, I was already my son’s dad!~keke)

Hyeong Jin called my son as “ahjussi”? ke
That’s right! ~~ My son has always been full of deep thoughts like an adult, always worrying and taking care of father and mother.
Possessing depth and a chubby face like a little prince, yet deep inside the heart he has always been an “ahjussi”! ~~ke
Actually, so do I, when my son is nagging at me, I’ll think about how “he is more of an ahjussi than I am”.

My son!~
This father who is incompetent in many ways is unable to give you a helping hand, will instead applaud your choice,
my son who always remembers the Triple S, I believe God’s blessings will always be with you.

Also, to my beloved Triple S & lovely everyone …….
You have walked to this point without much hesitation
One day, opening the mail box full of letters from the fans
reading it one by one again
crying, and smiling
Triple S & everyone who really brought both tears and smiles……
Because of that passion and love,
we are able to enjoy these lovely memories now.
We are still waiting,
waiting with passion and love.

Using the heart that will never change
With a grateful heart, and not forgetting those love and passion
From debut days, the female schoolgirl fans we saw in the train
seems to be here still……
Now that I signed up for Cyworld,
Triple S who are here with me to support my son and SS501
as well as chatting with me, smiling

Seems like the falling leaves in autumn
In order to let the heart go cold, yet still reminising those past during this autumn
Bringing all the reminiscence and memories,
searching for the warmth in winter
Please be happy! ~
Also, do not forget! ~~
Don’t be too far way! ~~
We cannot forget each other! ~~ ke
Let’s meet up often! ~~
Be careful of catching flu, fighting! ~ ^^

Park Jung Min Japan Official Fanclub Notices

[Korea! Pop star file broadcasting detail]

For each artist to release the interview, "Korea! Pop star file" will introduce Park Jung Min!!
The content of the the interview includes the releasing of CD and musical 絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け ticket plan!

CS will be releasing TWO "Korea! Pop star file"
Broadcast date: 9th Nov 2010 (Tue) First broadcast (Will have a re-run)
Broadcast time: 20:03~
※ Broadcasts may be subjected to changes.

For more info please go to ↓↓


[Park Jung Min 1st Fan-meeting Detail]

The fanclub will be having a 2nd application for '2010 Christmas Special Park Jung Min 1st Japan Fan-meeting'. For those people who did not manage to get a ticket, do not miss this chance to apply for it.

【2nd application period】
11 Nov 2010 (Mon) 12:00 ~ 5th Nov (Fri) 23:59 end
※ Method for the fanclub 2nd application
27th Oct (Wed) 15:00 members can directly pay the fee.
If you are not a member, we wish that you can quickly join.

【Performance summary】

◆ Osaka performance

[Date] 22nd Dec 2010 (Wed)
[Venue] Osaka NHK Hall
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round: 13:00 (OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round: 17:30 (OPEN) / 18:30 (START)

◆ Tokyo Performance
[Date] 23rd Dec 2010 (Thur)
[Venue] JCB HALL
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round:13:00(OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round:18:00 (OPEN) / 19:00 (START)
○ Contact:0570-064-708

◆ Ticket pricing
¥8,800(All seat/Tax included)
※ Ticket is needed for 3 years old and above
※ For every application, there will be 600 円 of shipping fee (Tax included)
※ The payment fee will be charged separately.

Please wait for the payment time to start if you are using internet payment.