Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Changes In SS501 Music High

Translation of the message left by PD noona who left Music High

Background Info: After this season of SBS Broadcast, SS501’s Music High would officially change its name to Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High. At the same time, the PD noona who has been with Hyung Jun for a year will also be leaving. The new PD is a very experienced male DJ. He was in charge of Song Eun Ee’s and Shin Bong Sun’s [Dong Do Dong Rak] Radio show. After Dong Do Dong Rak has undergone a transformation, this PD is coming over to Music High to work with Hyung Jun. 29 March will be the new edition of Music High. Before leaving Music High, the PD noona and the scriptwriter noona both have left messages on the Music High message board.

PD Noona's Message ~

Honestly, Hyung Jun is my first DJ. Even though I have previously been involved in other broadcasts, but those are being handled by other seniors and I was there to tie up the loose ends. Moreover, for those projects, I was working with very experienced DJs. So the projects didn’t seem to be entirely mine.

But for Hyung Jun, he was truly under my influence and we grow together.

In the real sense, he is my first DJ, “My child”

A DJ who works under a PD who is not very experienced (ah, my weakness includes more than just inexperience), and under a PD who doesn’t have a good character/attitude, Hyung Jun really suffered alot.

I nagged at him frequently, yelled at him several times and even showed my temper many times.

But he still continues to work with me without any complaints. I’m really grateful towards Jun DJ! (But all these is because noona likes you, so please excuse me ok? Heh heh)

Hyung Jun is really a very kind-hearted child. He is always very cheerful and gentle. This is what I feel after working with him together for a year.

Really will not be able to find another such kind-hearted DJ and scriptwriter to work with already...

This is what happened when we were all together last Sunday night for the last broadcast:

Hyung Jun suddenly cried while saying that it was the last time working with us noonas. I smiled and said “What? He cried again~ Haha” But when I turned around, I realised that the scriptwriter noona’s eyes were red and she was crying...

It is like this almost everyday...A broadcasting room wtih two kind-hearted (emotional) people working together with a cold-blooded person .

Reading emotional posts, DJ and scriptwriter started tearing. Only this PD is unmoved... This is usually the situation. Hahaha...

Because I’m a very temperamental and narrow-minded PD, I’m very grateful towards the staff who have been working with me.

On the last broadcast day, the new PD and scriptwriters were all around. After seeing that the present scriptwriter and DJ were crying so badly, the new Mr. PD felt a little awkward before commenting, “Why cry ? Does that mean that we are the Invaders? Hehe”

The PD who is soon taking over is one of the senior PDs that I have high regards for. He is really a good PD so I can leave here with no worries.

He will definitely become Hyung Jun DJ’s good PD, good brother.

I also hope that everyone will continue to show your enthusiastic support.

credits: SBS Kr + (chinese sub) (eng sub) crazynoona @

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Young Saeng's Eyeglasses @ Seoul Fashion Week

Remember when Jung Min and Young Saeng attended Seoul Fashion Week together last March 28, 2010? Saengie was wearing these stylish eyeglasses that looks really cute on him. Well, guess what? It's from Jung Min's store Royal Avenue! It's great to know that the members of SS501 really support Mal's business. Always there to support their brother! I love the glasses actually. And Saengie makes it 501x cooler! I want one! If you want to buy these glasses, you can buy HERE. I don't know if Royal Avenue ships internationally though. I don't even know how to navigate the website. But if they did, I'd definitely buy. It's quite affordable! Only 11,000 won or roughly 440 pesos!

Also available in white...


SS501 Hyung Jun, Sad Farewell with MBC Game HERO

[News] SS501 Hyung Jun, Sad Farewell with MBC Game HERO

MBC Game variety program ‘SS501 Hyung Jun, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ shows SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, who transformed into a trainee to become a pro-gamer, having sad tears at the last filming venue for the program.

To become a pro-gamer, Kim HyungJoon struggled by himself to pass the 2nd selection match for pro-gamer and MBC Game Hero self warm-up match. Players in MBC Game Hero prepared their sincere farewell messages to Kim HyungJoon. Kim HyungJoon was totally ignorant of the special event, he went to the dorm alone and was tearful after checking on the videos, he could not hold back anymore and finally burst into tears.

Kim HyungJoon said “I am always worried if I am a hindrance to the player’s practices, and I am sorry about that. Through this opportunity, I understand how difficult this occupation is and how much effort one pro-gamer has to put in to get the title of ‘pro’.” He also expressed his gratefulness “Though I have devoted generous practice time for myself, I want to specially say my thanks and sorry to player Seo KyungJong who helped with my practice every day in order to improve the lacking in my skills.”

Kim HyungJoon gave Players of MBC Game Hero a little gift of memories in return for their farewell event. In the short period of 3 months, Kim HyungJoon shared joys and sorrows with players of MBC Game HERO, Seo KyungJong, Yeom BoSung, Kim JaeHoon, Kim DongHyun, Lee JungHoon, etc, and has prepared a commemoration photo shooting in one studio to keep their memories.

Having met the players at 2pm on 28-Mar, Kim HyunJoong encourages Yeom BoSung, who led the team to the finals in ShinHan Bank Winners League 09-10 Playoff, and congratulates player ‘JjakDong’ Kim DongHyun who takes the roaster seat for the first time, showing his deep affection and concern for the players.

On this day of filming, all members were wearing MBC Game HERO’s uniform where they had a group photo shoot as well as solo photo shoot, and they flaunt their charisma with their hidden talents. Kim HyungJoon went up to each and every one of the players and enthusiastically made various poses that matches each one of them. His image of working hard in order to leave good gifts for them caught a lot of attention.

In this day’s broadcast, Kim HyungJoon visited HWASEUNG OZ practice room and met with idol player Lee JaeDong. He will show his unique image by dancing to Techtonik with Lee JaeDong and of course, practicing ‘Binggeul Binggeul (U-KISS)’ for 2010 MSL Selection Ceremony,

MBC Game’s representative program ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ last episode will be on 31-Mar at 4pm.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I feel sad because Progamer with Hyung Jun has come to an end. I really enjoyed this show. I'm still waiting for English subs for Episodes 9 and 10. I'm really gonna miss the progamers too, especially Shark and Sea. Through this show, I was able to see Hyung Jun's true personality, how he is as a person and how he interacts with other people outside SS501. I can see how he is considered as the baby of SS501, not just in terms of age. He really does act and play around like a child. And it's part of his charm. I admire him even more after watching this show. I hope he is considered again for a 2nd season. ^_^ By the way, here are a few pics from Progamer Ep 9 & 10...

Credits: MBC + SS601

Park Jung Min @ Royal Avenue Club Mansion Party

Royal Avenue held a new event last Saturday, March 27, and CEO Park was of course, present. Here are some pictures of him at the event, and the event details below. Congratulations for a successful party Jung Minnie!


“Royal Avenue” new event 3 ~ Royal Ave club mansion party

Invite you to participate in party CLUB MANSION! Open for all customers (19 years or older)

The winners selected will be notified individually by SMS .

Awesome DJ lineup:

SS501 member Park Jung Min online business shop for women’s apparel, and men’s apparel will soon be listed in the future. Two types of clothing apparel co-listing will bring new appeal to customer.

Admission: 20,000 won (admission free of charge with a person)

Date: 2010/03/27 Saturday pm 09:00 to am 06:00

Location: Du Hill Park Dosan Park

Info: 011. 231.1284

Music Policy: Electronic Music

No Minors allowed

Clothing: gorgeous & Pop

Credits: + (English translation) ss501fighting

Monday, March 29, 2010

Watch Hyung Jun @ MBC Pro-Gamer w/ English Subs

Episode 1 of Hyung Jun's show 'Progamer' is up in YouTube with English subs! I've been waiting for this! You know me, I'd much rather wait for the subs before watching. :) I've only played StarCraft a couple of times in my life, it's not my favorite online game. But for those who love StarCraft, you'll enjoy this show. Thanks to Team Liquid for subbing! You can also download the subbed video at their website. I'll update this post once other episodes are subbed. Enjoy!
Video Uploader: nevake@YouTube

P.S. Okay, I'm done watching, and I really enjoyed this episode! Especially, the 2nd half of the show. The first part, well, I didn't really enjoy much since I'm not that interested in Starcraft, but since Baby was playing, that in itself is interesting. Especially the moments when he was so embarrassed for not playing well, and trying to get the coach to accept him. He looks so cute with his expressions! I felt bad because the other pro-gamers were too harsh, judging Baby, but he wasn't even fazed. He was determined to get in! I really really enjoyed the show. Maknae bribing Shark, letting him meet Rainbow in exchange for another chance with the coach, that's so like Baby! Hahaha! Had quite a few laughs. Can't wait for the next subbed episode! :) I wish SS501 members would have a chance to do more reality shows like this in the future. And I hope they'd get to star in one that features all 5 of them!

Episode 2: Here's the 2nd subbed episode of Progamer! Wow, Team Liquid is fast with the subbing! Enjoy watching! Thanks to nevake@YouTube for uploading all episodes in YT!

Video Uploader: nevake@YouTube

Episode 3: Here's the 3rd subbed episode of Progamer. Again, thanks to Team Liquid for subbing this show for us.

Episode 4: Here's the 4th subbed episode of Progamer. I'm off to watch!

Episode 5: Finally! I've been waiting for the subs of this episode. It's the episode where Hyung Jun's brother Ki Bum visited the set. Another hour of laughter and dorkiness! Love Baby!

Episode 6: Episode 6 with English subs is out! I find myself looking forward to every episode of this show...

Episode 7: Here's another subbed episode of our ever so cute Maknae! This is Shark's birthday episode. I watched the unsubbed clip of this for, like, a couple of minutes, and then I turned it off. LOL. So now I'm going to finish it all the way! Thanks Team Liquid for subbing! And for nevake for uploading the full episode in YouTube!

Episode 8: Yippee! Episode 8 is out with English subs! Huge thanks to Team Liquid and nevake for their efforts. Can't thank you guys enough. It's such a joy to be able to watch and understand this show. Big hugs!

Episode 9: After a few weeks of waiting Episode 9 is finally out! After this, one more episode to go!

Episode 10: Finally! The final episode has been subbed! This is a tearjerking episode. I really cried because I could feel Hyung Jun's sadness and gratefulness at the same time. It's been a great show and he has bonded with the other players already in his short stay there. Goodbye is always the hardest part. But then this really isn't goodbye, right? I'm sure he will still visit his newfound friends from time to time. :)