Monday, April 26, 2010

I♥SS501 Made It On Twitter's Trending Topic!

On Twitter tonight, Trending Topic was filled with KPOP groups. There was Super Junior, TVXQ, Shinee, UKiss and of course I♥SS501! We did it again Triple S. Thank you to all who tweeted and contributed. Even though our hashtag only stayed on the Trending Topic for a few minutes, it makes all the difference. Let me share some of my tweets last night...


I♥SS501 I'm excited for my SS501 Persona In Seoul DVD!

I♥SS501 so much!

I♥SS501 because they're adorable dorks who are down to earth and super duper talented.

I♥SS501 because they can make me smile and laugh and cry... all at the same time! They warm my heart with their friendship and love.

I♥SS501 because they're beautiful human beings, inside and out.

I♥SS501. Delayed comeback or not, I will support them and understand. As excited as I am, still, I don't want it to be a rushed album.

I♥SS501 becoz their beautiful MUSIC inspires me, makes me want to bust a move, is addictive and is made with 501% hard work and dedication.

I♥SS501 becoz of them strangers became acquaintances. Acquaintances became good friends. They unite all Triple S, regardless of nationality!

I♥SS501 because of their wonderful personalities! They all complement each other in the group. 5 parts of the same whole. 5 forever as 1.

I♥SS501 forever! Once a Triple S, always a Triple S. I can't imagine my life now without them... They're part of me!

I♥SS501 - I thank God I got to know these 5 wonderful men. They bring so much fun and excitement!

Let me take this chance to thank all my followers here in Twitter! I♥SS501 and I know you all do too. Thank you and keep supporting SS501!

Because I♥SS501 staying up until the wee hours of the morning are quite common. But it's all worth it!

I♥SS501 and I love my Triple S sisters! You guys rock! Remember, Triple S are known to be nice fans, so stay nice guys!

I♥SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun. Five men who came together through FATE

I♥SS501 because they're kind, caring, and gentle. But I also love them because they're pranksters and they know how to have fun!

I♥SS501 because they're simply one of a kind.

I♥SS501 because they brighten up my day, always.

I♥SS501 because of them I learned to love KPOP.

Some people myt say I'm crazy for loving SS501 as much as I do. But I don't care. I♥SS501 & if they knew how wonderful they are, they wud 2.

I♥SS501 and I'm patiently waiting for their comeback! If it's gonna be delayed, it would be because they want everything to be great for us!

I♥SS501 The beautiful Dog who leads, The wild sexy Horse, The shy cute Otter, The manly Gorilla center, The adorable baby Turtle... Love em!

I♥SS501 I hope they will continue to realize their dreams and that we Triple S fans will also realize our dreams. Let's grow old with SS501!

I♥SS501 They're not perfect, but they're perfect enough for me. I love them just the way they are. Flaws and all.

I♥SS501 bcoz they are quirky & fun. I love their talents & personalities. And their dashing good looks seals the whole package beautifully.

I♥SS501 -- Do I get tired of saying that? Certainly NOT! I won't EVER get tired of saying I love SS501! ^_^

I♥SS501 because they can be CUTE one minute, and the next minute they can completely transform and be SEXY!

I♥SS501 because their friendship and brotherhood is amazing. Their love and loyalty to each other cannot be described by mere words.

I♥SS501 both oncam and offcam. They're true to themselves and they take pride in that. Not many idols have that quality.

I♥SS501 and their smirk relays, their penchant for rock, paper, scissors, jenga and fun games, and the way they always have fun together!

I♥SS501 and no matter what their detractors and anti-fans say, I won't budge. I'll stand by SS501 firmly. That's the mark of a true Triple S

I♥SS501 and I♥TripleS - SS501 and Triple S fighting!

I♥SS501 especially in IdolWorld, The Mission, TFWUU, TYFRMU, M!Pick, Big Mama, and all their reality/variety shows! I miss them!

I♥SS501 because they're simply the BEST.

I♥SS501 and I hope they go a long long way and they will if we keep supporting them. Be sure to buy their new album! :)


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