Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kyu Jong's Early Morning Message

KyuJong, “It’s Been A Long Time!!.. Really Early Morning~~ heehee”
2010-04-01 7:04:59AM

Hello..^^ It’s been a long time everyone!
I woke up extremely early today isn’t it!? Hee hee I woke up and read YoungSaeng hyung’s message and was caught by it…
Hm.. What is this..since morning.. !! I was surprised!! Heehee So it is April Fool’s day.. hm.. ^^
I finished the concerts and spent a long time in my hometown JeonJu and returned to Seoul ^^
I also met frequently with my hometown friends~ Also went for a family trip~

However.. my eyes look like they’re shooting laser isn’t it?.. (EunAh couldn’t join because she has to attend school diligently.. T T)
Haha..^^ How is everybody?!
It is already 1st of April.. Woah~~
Time really passes fast.. Suddenly! It seems like just yesterday when we 501 had our first stage performance..
We finished our Asia Tour concerts splendidly.. It still feels like a dream..
For me to become a member of such a great team.. I still can’t believe it.. I’m proud about it..^^
And our pretties who are watching over us.. I am very thankful. We made it, we made it!!
Heehee Oh!! Because we made it during Encore concert.. Members threw me into the water with SaengIlBbang (name signifying friends jokingly hitting the person during his birthday) as an excuse..
Everyone knew it right!!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?! I will have my revenge..
Ice.. Surrounded my body,, T T heuk heuk!! But.. Thank you for giving me a pleasant memory that I will not be able to forget for the rest of my life hee
Finished the concerts splendidly and because the tears during Encore concert can wash away all the hardship during that time
So it is good hee~
Always..^^ Thank you for bringing laughter to me. Thank you for giving me strength..
Photos from debut till now.. I went to find the photos that Pretties have uploaded..
I looked (at the photos) forgetting about the passing time.. It was very good~ Thank you.. ^^ hee
Well, awhile ago I read about these words.. saying ‘I am a role model’..
Seeing the words, I made up my mind again..^^ I will become a role model to someone..
To work even harder.. the thought that I must do it..!!
It feels really good deep within my heart.. Hehe Anyways!!
I really miss everyone! We are working hard in preparation and will return back with a ‘Jjyan’~ (sth like tah-dah)
Becoming nervous!! Until then, study hard! Work! Hard too~~ Understand?!
Because I went back to my hometown, I’m always talking in satoori (dialect), it’s becoming serious.. Gosh It’s difficult (he wrote this in satoori).. heehee^^
Annyoung Byebye~~ Let’s meet soon, fast.. Miss you!
I will pray within my heart for you to always be filled with good things~

I want to become a star, no matter where on earth~ No matter when, I will shine for you all~
24/7 from M to S night, No matter when, I will be happy..^^

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Sweet Kyu! Leaving a message for all of us today! And it's a looong message. I love it! Thanks to xiaochu for translating! She's really making all of us happy. It's such a joy to read messages from SS501. First Young Saeng, and now Kyu! I hope the other 3 members will leave messages too. Reading Kyu's message, I'm touched. He's still as sweet as ever. Although not as troublesome as Young Saeng's April Fool message. Hahaha! And it's good to see pictures that the members themselves shared and uploaded. Nice to see Kyu's family! More, more, more!!!

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