Sunday, April 11, 2010

[Old Video Clip] Kim Hyung Jun Surprises Younger Brother Ki Bum

Saw this video on my YouTube dashboard, it's an old clip of Hyung Jun surprising his brother Ki Bum at U-Kiss Japan Showcase last Nov 2008, as subbed by mangosorbet (thank you so much!) I had to post it here, because I'm so touched with the closeness of Hyung Jun and his younger brother. And Ki Bum cried! I was surprised when he cried, he really is like his older brother, a cry-baby. Kekeke. Watch the video, Maknae is really looking fine!
Video Uploader: mangosorbet@YouTube

Also, I would just like to add: A few days ago, Hyung Jun tweeted in his Twitter Account that he's feeling depressed (우울하다) and Ki Bum replied with a tweet "Why are you depressed?" (왜 우울해) Kekeke. And just this morning (probably after Music High?) Hyung Jun replied again "Strange" (이상하다). And that's it. If you aren't already following the Kim brothers in Twitter, follow them now! And yes, it's really their Twitter accounts! Although of course, their Tweets are in Hangul. So you better have a handy Translator to understand their tweets (if you can't understand Korean).

Hyung Jun's Twitter:
Ki Bum's Twitter: 90KKB

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