Friday, April 2, 2010

Shark's Video Message to Hyung Jun

Shark's video message to Hyung Joon

Hyung Jun ah, annyeong!
I really can't believe these 10 weeks have already passed...
I think time has passed too fast.
From when we first met, now regarding each other as friends...
A teacher with his disciple, as buddies...
To be able to spend this period of 10 weeks together, it was so enjoyable & happy.
Together during filming whenever I met with difficult and unseemly moments
You led us well...
to be able to safely finish filming.
As you were also able to complete your experience as a practice partner..
I wanted to tell you how very thankful I am.
To our director and coach and team members, you always brought laughter.
Because you created a happy & enjoyable atmosphere, I am grateful to you.
You must come back to play!

Translation: greenteadrinker@ kim hyung joon thread - soompi
Only take out with full credit!

Awwww, it's sad for us that Progamer is ending, but I know it's even sadder for the progamers and Hyung Jun. They've created this special bond after just a few months of filming, they've become close friends, and these moments are hard to let go. I feel really sad, especially with Shark's message. In the video below, the progamers each gave a message to Hyung Jun, and Maknae cried! It must be really an emotional time for him. I love this show, and it's great to know that Hyung Jun found some really good friends from it. Shark is right, he really did create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere in the show. That's one of the things I love about SS501's baby. He's so adorably cute and fun. And I'm saying that just by watching his shows. What more if I could actually be with him in real life and get to experience his company. I guess there will be no dull moment. Anyway, here's a clip from Episode 10 (I think). Only Shark's message was translated. Can't wait for the whole episode to be subbed! Then I'll watch!
Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Here are more pictures uploaded by Shark at his CYWORLD... most of them have Hyung Jun on them. Click to enlarge.

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