Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SS501 Umbrellas: Rain & SS501

SS501 themselves once said that they are the group that calls rain (check out their interview in SS501 U R Man Special DVD), because whenever they have a fanmeet before, it always rains. Rain & SS501. Good combination? Or bad combination? Regardless, I guess it's just appropriate that they would be featured in umbrellas! I love the first one! The one with big pictures of the boys occupying 1/3 of the umbrella. I wanna buy one! For those who can understand Korean, you can buy it at Sendmall. Please do not ask me how to order or whether or not they ship overseas because I have no idea. Kekeke. But I just found out that Yesasia now accepts preorders for this. They definitely ship overseas, but the item is kinda expensive! A whooping US$44.99! If you wanna buy, preorder here.

Oh, and before I forget PERSONA IN SEOUL DVD Korean version is also now available for preorders in YesAsia. And yes, it has English subs! I've already pre-ordered mine. What are you waiting for? Preorder now!


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