Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hyun Joong's Sleeping Eye Mask

When Gummy's MV "As A Man" featuring Kim Hyun Joong was released, a lot of girls have been captured once again by Leader's charisma and hotness. Are you all still reeling from the aftereffect? Or are you all still playing the MV over and over again? How many casualties? Kekeke. If you've played the music video over and over again, or if you're simply the observant type, I'm sure you've noticed Leader's sleeping eye mask right? And of course, in SS501verse, whatever stuff the boys are using or wearing, they would always stir some interest in us Triple S. I'm sure you can all relate to what I'm saying, right? Just like this cute sleep mask that Leader wore in the MV...

Don't you think it's uber cute? It's also available in different styles. But I'm pretty sure you would want the one Leader wore, am I correct?

You can buy at these websites (although I don't know how coz it's in Korean, but you can try):

Credits: 1300k_SHOPPING@Bubble + TriplesTW + Baidu

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