Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Random Pics

While we wait (excitedly) for the boys' comeback, I'm sure we're all hungry for more news and sightings of our dear SS501. After they were seen coming back from Japan, Kyu and Saengie are again, very elusive. Unlike Jun DJ here, our Maknae Hyung Jun who we can hear everyday at his Music High radio show. And also you will always see pictures of him floating around on the Net. Just like these pics here where he was with other DJs at SBS Sixth Sense Quiz - DJ Showdown Recording. The other two are Park So Hyeon and Kim Chang Ryeol.

Also, another adorable picture with his cute dog, Choco. Is this at Ki Bum's room? Topless Jun!

And another not-so-new pic, with Maknae looking ever so gorgeous...

Pic Credits: Pretty Boy

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