Sunday, May 9, 2010

Leader Kim Hyun Joong Leaves A Heart-Stopping Message!

Leader left a message earlier today at DSP website. Finally the translation is out! Super thanks to Ode for providing the translation! And I also added another translation from HappieBB! Thanks guys!

[Eng Trans] HyunJoong: .............. (2010-05-09, 8:43:49 AM)


Have been wanting to write a piece during this while but because whatever I write will get
published out publicly, ended up not writing any

mm still......towards a person who hasn't got any thing to do yet after Bof ended kekeke

what's the interest you've got there......kekekekekeke

I have been living well, even better than the effect of going on drug medicine
Because we pushed back the comeback period, so we feel sorry

What is May 1......kekeke
Indeed, 501 albums have the trademark of a Delay isn't it
Do we even have a fixed date ever ???? keke

The anticipation put in throughout 5 years..kekekekeke
Too simple sillies ke (joke only)

Just wait a little more, soon we'll be coming out..keke
and by the way, though I feel sorry,
when the album comes out, there could be quite a few big hit tracks only,
if so, don't feel disappointed


When I feel like wanting to say something, I will write it when I feel that way
If my future activities could go beyond June,
I don't think I could carry out solo activities by myself confidently,
then beginning from June, I can't be writing entries on the homepage anymore kekeke

This isn't the final entry
All of you must have seen the articles right?? hhh
Though have alot to say, cannot say it now

What I want to say is, the album will be coming out soon ... Don't worry ..
Because you all seem to be uneased ..
All of you ... because the songs haven't been surfacing...that's why..kekeke the truth is ..

Whatever it is, don't worry ne^^

Because I was born with a life deemed to receive the spotlight every moment,
and of course to receive the very direct critics as well,
But I even like it that way too kekeke
and so I would leave a name on Earth ..hh
When 2012 comes, I would be presenting a gift ..^^
Since I couldn't ride the boats in Tibet,
Just wait a for awhile more, will meet you all soon, in this month kekekekeke

This entry is really written for you all ne
When I wrote this, it seemed like I really didn't have much words to write kekeke
If this entry gets published as article (the reporters) will be one who won't have any thing to do
(from this) ..kekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also SS501 will be disbanded...................................

You believed? kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke

Credits:톡톡) 다크부츠님@601 +(영어로)

Here's another translation...

Hello everyone, hehe
Been wanting to write something,
but the reporters are writing about me everyday, so i didn't write anything (here)
Ennn.... yea, for a person who hasn't been doing all that much since BOF (hehe)

Following BOF, I've still got some awareness and popularity, hehe
I'm living very well now
As for comeback, it'll be pushed back abit later, sorry

(Was talking about) 1st may.... kkk
As expected, 501's album... is still delayed eventually

Have we ever released an album on the day that we said we would???? Hehe

Been bluffed for five years....
And you little fools are still anticipating us with so naively....
(believe the choice of words 'little fools' are supposed to be a term of endearment or affection ^.^)

Just wait a little while longer, will be out very soon... hehe
Ah, and oh, so sorry
Once the album's out, the number of hit songs may not be that many
Do not be disappointed

Words that (I) want to say
must be written at the time when (I) want to say them
I carry out activities confidently after June
Starting from June, won't be able to write on the official board, hehe

this post won't be the last time

Everyone has read the news? Hehehe
There's much that I wish to say, but not now
For now, I wish to tell everyone that the album will be released...
Don't worry... I've got a feeling that everyone's uneasy....
Folks.... the tunes are not out yet... so.... hehehe, actually.

Regardless, no worries, ya ^^

To be honest, my life under the spotlight
although there're times when I get hurt
but i really really do like such a life, hehe

This, too, can be considered as having left my mark on earth.... hehe
If we're able to get through 2012 safely, I will give you all a present... ^^
In any case, we won't be able to make it for the boats in Tibet

Just bear with it somemore and we'll be meeting soon
within this month, hehehehehe

This post is really written for all of you, ya
Have really written many useless words, hehehehe

If after writing this (post) and it still makes it to the newspapers
then (reporters) are people with nothing better to do... hehehehehe

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, SS501 disbanding.......

(Do you) believe it? Hehehehehehehehehehehehe

Credits to (Chinese translation) tkdska @ 金贤重中文网 + (English translation) happiebb @

I swear, when I first saw the second to the last line, before the loooong space, I was like, whaatttt??? But of course, I know from past experiences, Hyun Joong likes to joke around! Remember the April Fool's Joke that he and Young Saeng wrote? Haha. He said he'll be studying in Spain, when in fact, he'll just be there for a photoshoot? Haha. Leader likes to tease us with those jokes! I would be furious at him if he weren't soooo adorable. Kekeke. With all the rumors going around (which I really haven't posted since I don't want to feed more energy to those rumors), I'm quite glad to see that Hyun Joong can even joke about this. Which makes me think, maybe he's not THAT affected with the rumors. The last line is just like saying (in my opinion), "Oh cmon, you actually believe that?!" Well, I never did believe the rumors, a single bit. And I hope, if you're a true Triple S, you won't too. I know that our Leader is loyal to SS501 until the end. He said so before, "I will walk till the end with my SS501 members." He loves his group, so don't you guys worry, and just TRUST Leader. Have faith! Trust SS501!

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