Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's The First Love Story Photobook & DVD

Kim Hyun Joong's First Love Story Photobook & DVD

SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong will release his first individual photobook in Japan.

Japan's KJ-net has announced that Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing his own ever photobook consisting of his oozing charm "Kim Hyun Joong's 1st Premium DVD & Photobook -- The First Love Story" whose release date has been set at October 29.

Through this photobook, with Kim Hyun Joong's First Love Story as the theme, Hyun Joong's charisma will be presented before your eyes in the DVD like the form of a movie, where in the DVD, you would also get to see his maturing stages through the years and interesting stories during his debut period that was never disclosed; in addition, an honest interview with him would also be inclusive.

This pictorial comes in a package of 2 DVDs and 2 pieces of Photobooks. Pictorial shooting locations would cover across Indonesia's Bali island, some churches there, and of course not forgetting location shoots in Japan too, some scenes would include the sea as its background as well.

Not only that, in the upcoming August 19 and 20, there will also be a 2D1N tour in Shizuoka, this tour will entourage around the pictorial's shooting location.
In its final addition, on October 11, Hyun Joong will also have a fanmeeting in Tokyo Dome City's JCB Hall in commemoration of the release of his pictorial book.

【HyunJoong's First Love Story】 Pictorial Book & DVD -- Sp.Ed Details

Contents: 2 DISCS, 100-P Photobook, 30-P Photobook, Enclosed in a special box.

DVD - Disc 1 - shows Location shooting @ Overseas

DVD - Disc 2 - shows Location shooting @ Japan // Interview

Photobook - 1 - 100-Page

Photobook - 2 - 30-Page

Limited edition - Special BOX

Subtitles - Japanese / English

Advanced preordering begins 2010, June 23 (Wednesday), 12 AM onwards.

Price: 12,000 yen (tax inclusive ; 600 yen = shipping fees)

(Main, regarding DVD & events) or
(regarding tour) or

【Kim Hyun Joong's First Love Story】 Fanmeeting Details

When : October 11 (Monday)

Day-time show (1st) , Night-time show (2nd)

Price : 8,600 yen, standard (DVD purchasers pay for another price)

Advanced ticket sales begin : Mid-August

Summary of Scheduled Schedules :

June 23 : Advanced preordering for DVD & Photobk begins

Mid-August : Advanced ticket sales for Fanmeeting begins

August 19~20 : Entourage around shooting location; 2D 1N.

October 11 (Mon) : Fanmeeting @ Tokyo, JCB Hall.

October 29 : 『Kim Hyun Joong's 1st Love Story Photobook & DVD』 on sale.

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