Monday, June 21, 2010

Kim Kyu Jong's Tok Tok Message

Annyong annyong annyong~~~ hehehehe @ 2010-06-20, 7:15:01 PM

It's been some time isn't it T !! I've been having a short break by spending it with

family and friends.. hee @ 2010-06-20, 7:15:48 PM

Have you spent your rainy day well?! ^^ Sometimes, this rain that pours is lovely isn't it..h ^^
@ 2010-06-20, 7:16:09 PM

There're often errors appearing when I write an entry here..T I'm leaving my greetings here ^^
@ 2010-06-20, 7:17:05 PM

The weather is very warm ne^^ h. Don't be hit down by the heat, we'll keep fighting!!!
@ 2010-06-20, 7:17:35 PM

There's this error appearing so frequently on my computer o o o o...TT
Heuk !! But it was actually because there're too many concurrent users at the same time... hehe
@ 2010-06-20, 7:18:11 PM

I even know the hot popular words used in this new generation right !! hahahaha
@ 2010-06-20, 7:18:54 PM

Because it's Sunday, so we can play..!! @ 2010-06-20, 7:21:06 PM

Hahaha ^^ Merong (cute expression) @ 2010-06-20, 7:23:08 PM

Thank you really for Music bank's Number 1..TT I watched that with my friends (members?), heukheuk!!.. @ 2010-06-20, 7:24:00 PM

It's the exam period now nyo, what huh what huh?~ Have you been studying ?!^^ hh
@ 2010-06-20, 7:25:44 PM

hh Ahh so hot so hot T Must cut some watermelons to eat!! @ 2010-06-20, 7:27:00 PM

To all our sisters who are working hard out there in the heat, fighting!!! Aja aja!!!!
@ 2010-06-20, 7:27:19 PM

Great great!! Study hard in high school!! Aja aja!! Without regrets!!! hhh
Though I couldn't do that.. hee @ 2010-06-20, 7:28:20 PM

Happy birthday!!! @ 2010-06-20, 7:30:37 PM

Then I should go and take a look !! hehe ^^ @ 2010-06-20, 7:30:47 PM

Whatever tough matters we have, any dissatisfaction or unhappiness, it'd be good if we could place it down..^^ Understood?! hh
@ 2010-06-20, 7:31:13 PM

We should always have a positive mindset holding onto with hope...^^ hehehe eumhahahaha!!
@ 2010-06-20, 7:31:41 PM

Wuss up with me now !!! (Wuss up lyrics) @ 2010-06-20, 7:32:03 PM

I'm playing all alone... @ 2010-06-20, 7:32:53 PM

eumhahaha!!! ^^ See you next time again, I'm waiting for my friends!! Watermelons, yum yum
@ 2010-06-20, 7:33:40 PM

I'll go now Wuss up hhh @ 2010-06-20, 7:34:03 PM

Credits: TOK room + SS601 + ode@blog

I miss Kyu Jongie! Aaah, it's been a while. And now that promotions for their new album Destination are over, messages like these from the members are very well appreciated. Thanks dear Kyu!

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