Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Listen To Kim Hyung Jun's Music High

I love listening to Kim Hyung Jun in his radio show Music High. I enjoy hearing his laugh, his own wacky versions of kpop songs, which he sometimes sings to keep listeners awake, and his voice itself is a comfort to listen to. For those who don't know Hyung Jun, he is simply adorable. Too cute for words! If you want to get to know him better, watch his Progamer series. You will have several fits of laughter and you will love him dearly. The youngest of SS501 is no longer a baby, but he will still be a baby in the hearts of all Triple S.

Thanks to daum, I was able to embed a simple widget here so we can listen to Music High everyday at 2am-3am (Korean time) and 1am-2am Philippine time! The player is on autoplay so it will start playing as soon as the page fully loads. No need to click the Play button.

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