Friday, June 4, 2010

SS501 'Destination' Comeback Stage @ Music Bank!

I know for a fact that millions of Triple S around the world have rearranged their schedules just to tune in live to SS501's comeback at Music Bank today. June 4, 2010. We also tuned in to the live streaming, and the excitement was like no other. After all the waiting, amidst the accident, delays and postponements, they're finally back! And I heard that in some parts of our country, it was raining! SS501 are really the idols who call RAIN! SS501 + Rain = Daebak!

They were explosive in Music Bank today! They had a magnificent setting, with fireworks, smoke, chandelier, and the whole orchestra up on stage! Our boys are #7 in K-Chart this week, but I hope they will be #1 next week! They need our help Triple S! Don't forget to buy at Soribada. Click here for the instructions. And without further ado, here are the performances from MuBank today. Feel free to watch it over and over again. SS501 is BACK!!! Love Ya, Love Ya, Love Ya!!! Oh, and don't forget, we'll be trending #LoveYaSS501 in Twitter tonight at KST 9pm-11pm (8pm-10pm PH Time)!
Video Uploader: UnknownCarrot110@YouTube

Video Uploader: UnknownCarrot110@YouTube

Credit: (eng trans) Ode@blogspot + (subbing)

Credit: SS601

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