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Translation Of Kim Hyun Joong's DATV Interview 'Just The Way You Are'

This interview was aired in Japan last July 27 and was uploaded in YouTube but it was tracked and was deleted due to copyright infringement issues. I'm reposting here the English translated transcript of the interview. It's quite long, but as usual, Leader's 4Dness makes it all worth it. Kekeke.

[Transcript] Hyun Joong's Interview with DATV entitled 'Just the way you are'

HJ : Kim Hyun Joong
MC: Ms Miyamoto, interviewer

NR: Narration by Ms. Miyamoto

Part 1

NR: Kim Hyun Joong, one of the top stars in Korea, who is a most talented singer while being a representative Korean actor attracting fans. In this program, entitled “Kim Hyun Joong, as you are “, we are going to introduce Kim Hyun Joong, as he is, who has just started new challenges.

MC: I have just arrived in Seoul. I am going to see Mr. Kim Hyun Joong. I will get out what you would like to know about him.

In Keyeast office:

MC: I have excitedly been awaiting him in his office (Keyeast) in Seoul (with a blue box in her hands). Oh, he has finally come ! (In Korean language as she speaks Korean herself) Hello ! Nice to meet you. This is a gift for you.

HJ: Thank you ! May I open it ?
MC: Yes please ! As I heard that you like football very much, I have been wondering what I should select as a gift for you. Well, I decided to choose this one.
HJ : (Finding a yellow football ball ), Wow, thank you (arigato gozaimasu in Japanese)
MC: How do you like it ?
HJ: I am very happy as I like football. It was a bit disappointing at World Cup
(* Korea could not enter the best 8 in the South Africa World Cup) Football is one of the best hobbies.
MC: This ball is a bit small for football, is it OK ?
HJ: (In Japanese) it’s fine.
MC: You speak a good Japanese, don’t you ?
HJ: Yes, a little.
MC: How did you learn Japanese ?
HJ: Ah~~~~ (in Japanese) I lived in Japan for about a year.

NR: I was a bit surprised as he suddenly spoke in Japanese. Let’s start an interview !

MC: In Japan, K pop is very popular now. What kind of impression did you have when you first came to Japan?
HJ: I went to Japan for the first time in 2006. We were invited for an opening event concert of a Korean cable channel ( i.e., Mnet Japan) together with many Korean singers. As many fans came to the concert, it was quickly decided to have a fan meeting for them. 1,500 people got together for us. I was so happy to know that many people support us (SS501) eventhough it was the first visit to Japan, being deeply touched by them. If I put it into another words, I felt as if we received a warm welcome from people where we had thought a desert island. That naturally made me think that I had to work harder. As I had not yet challeded for acting, I thought to elaborate our music, so that we would be able to show ourselves in a much refined way not only for Korean fans but also Japanese people.

When I had a first step in Japan to start our entertainment activities there, I had no knowledge of Katakana nor Hiragana (* both of them are Japanese charactors. There are three type of charactors in Japanese, Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana) Further, I was so buy at work, I could not stuy Japanese. In two weeks after I arrived in Japan, I only knew three words, “ Hello, Good morning “, “Good evening” and “Thank you” .

However, since I had a Japanese friend, I learned a little by little much difficult expressions. For example, we went for drinking , and while chatting on the phone the next moring, I learned an expression “ I don’t have a hangover anymore” , and so on. I still learn Japanese …… not to forget it.

MC: What, do you think, is most difficult in Japanese ?

HJ: For Korean, it is quite tough to pronounce “ zu “ and “ tsu “ properly. Therefore, I had much difficulty in singing Japanese song because of the pronunciation of “zutto”
In Japanese lyrics, there was an expression “ Zutto ( i.e, forever and ever in Japanese)” , I struggled with this word. Do you think that I pronounce it in a right way?

MC: Yes, you do ! I am impressed by your beautiful pronunciation.
HJ: Is that so (in Japanese) ?

MC: Could you kindly tell us about the most memorable place for you in Japan or, an episode if any ?

HJ: The place I like the best is ….. where is it ? the spa town (hotsprings town) not so far from Tokyo ?
MC: Hotsprings?
HJ: Yes, hotsprings …
MC: Hakone ?
HJ: (happily) Yes, I like Hakone. In addition to that, I frequently went to Harajuku branch of “ Jankara Ramen ( *Chinese noodles in soup) “ I went there almost by-weekly. Delicious ! (in Japanese)

*Jankara is a sort of dialect in Kyushu, southen west part of Japan.
*Ramen in Hakata city in Kyusu is famous for its white soup made out of
Pork borne. Jankara ramen is a representative brand of Hakata Ramen.

MC: Is there anything you make it sure to bring with you for work ?
HJ: I always take note PC with me, even for overseas. As I listen to music while moving from work to work, I also carry MP3 as well. I also make it sure to bring Japanese comic books which I really like. I pack into my bag about 30 comic books (for travel )
MC: I actually have been worndering whether I should bring a football ball or comic books …
HJ: (with a big smile )
MC: What Japanese comic do you like ?
MC: Oh my god! I don’t have any idea about “NARUTO”

For further info for NARUTO, please click

HJ: “ N A R U T O “ ( a bit embarrassed)
MC: Is it a Japanese comic ?
HJ: Yes ( in a laugh) “Naruto” and “ One piece” (* “dress” in Japanese)
MC: In which language do you raed “One piece” ? In Japanese?
HJ: “In Korean version “ (he replied in Japanese)
MC: Oh, it has already been translated into Korean language?
HJ: Yes ( in Japanese)
MC: Well then, I will bring you a Japanese version for you the next time, please use it for your Japanese study.
HJ: I do with Japanese version (replied in Japanese again)
MC: It means that you already have a Japanese version ?
HJ: Yes, though I don’t understand at all (in Japanese)
MC: Then study hard !
HJ: Yes, I do.


MC: Senior Yoon JiHoo was so cool ! In acting as Yoon JiHoo, what did you think was the most difficult point for you?
HJ: The character, “Yoon JiHoo” was quite different from myself in reality. Therefore, in order to act as YoonJiHoo, a grandson of the former president, I corrected the way to use chopsticks. In a daily life, I stopped making fun, keeping a reticent attitude in this way. Though I was immature in acting at that time, thanks to Yoon JiHoo, I could make my first step as actor. I appreciate it.

The character, “ Yoon JiHoo” does not express his anger, contrary to Gu Jun Pyo. Even though he is upset, Yoon JiHoo kept his temper: further, even if he feels discomfort, he remains calm. However, he was not always poker face….. Therefore, it was quite hard for me how to express his feeling inside Yoon JiHoo.

I, Kim Hyun Joong, does not neglect making best efforts. I cannot be quiet. I am always doing something. I got scared even with one week leave. Therefore, I will make myself work. Contrary to Yoon JiHoo, I easily loose my temper; I say what I want to say. I quickly solve problems on the spot. I like connecting with people.

On holidays, I always play football. If I have time, I practice with dancers, thus doing a physical exercises. Even on a bed, I’m thinking of future plan; everything is connected with work. If I want to shape up my body, I play football as it works as an aerobic exercise as well. I think that my favorite is also a part of my work.

Sometimes , I take a long sleep if necessary, otherwise I only sleep four hours at most. I like getting things going based on the elaborated planning. I would like to do well both in music as well as drama. Twenty-four hours per day is not enough for me.

MC: As artist and actor, there will be some area you are particular about. Could you tell us to what kind of things you would like to stick to ?

HJ: Well, my experience in acting is only limited to “Boys over Flowers” . I recognized that there were too many things I lack as acor. I should say that I had gotten in acting. As singer, I would like aim the veteran’s level. However, as actor,
I am only a chick, which just came out of an eggshell. I would like to strive for to become an full-fledged actor as earliest as possible.

I always would like to do my best in all the dramas. I would like to be recognized as an actor who never neglects making efforts. I also hope that people would recognize me as one of the most talented singers.

Since I appeared in the drama “Boys over Flowers”, one year and a half have already passed. While exercising, the characters I would like to act come up to mind. For example, I think that I would like to act as car racer while driving. In this way, activities in a daily life leads me to acting. I tend to think that I would be able to adopt this part into acting, and so on. Since “Boys over Flowers”, I observe everything in TV, which, I should say, “people watching”. I watch the characteristic points of the charactors in dramas so that I can make use of them in my acting in future.

MC: Another question I would like to make is when you feel much happy during your busy life. What kind of action make you feel most happy ?

HJ: Since the debut, five years have passed. In these years, I experienced hardships and pleasure (satisfaction) in repeated times. Looking back the things which I thought painful or hard in the past, I feel now that I was happy to the contrary.

Therefore, I assume that there will be a repetition of stress and joy in future as well. I do not want to regret anything. Dramas and CD will remain forever, and that ‘s why I would like to work so that I regret nothing in the future.

MC: Japanese fans have been looking forward to seeing you. I understand that you will be coming over to Japan very soon, right?
HJ: I plan to visit twice or three times to Japan this year. If I have a good luck, I will be able to visit more. In the past years, I went to Japan five times per year. But this year, I could not make it so far. With a good piece of work , I would like to go and see Japanese fans who have been waiting for me.

Since the debut in drama, I have a character in mind which I would like to act. That is the one who express his anger when he is upset. As I already acted the character who controlled his temper, I prefer this time a ma who is rather gross and rough.

Part 3

HJ: There will be always gaps between the characters I act and myself in reality. When I appear in a film or drama, the character does not necessary be similar to myself; I act the character just as he is. To be extreme, I would challenge for even a killer.

MC: Now in a new environment, which area do you like to be challenged ?
HJ: Well, I would like to do something different from others. Though there are people who call me “Hanryu star “, but I do not think so myself. By making a best balance between artist as well as actor, I would like to become a top star everyone can recognize. Now it is difficult for me to realize it . However, I would like to become a star, actively working in the entire Asia as an son as possible, and somehow I would like to help people.

NR: I am much impressed by Mr. Kim Hyun Joong who seriously thinks of his future. I cannot believe that he is still twenty-four years old !

Then Ms Miyamoto (interviewer & narrator) brings the same game console as we saw in “We got married” which Hwanbo noona used for coupling of SS501 (Kyujung and Hyung Joon with two members of Wonder Girls.)

MC: Do you know what it is ?
HJ: Yes, I played it before.
MC: Then, you know about the rules, right ?
HJ: Yes, OK
MC: I am going to tell you why I brought this game console here. I would like to have your autograph on these cute footballs (taking out pink and yellow footballs) for fans.
If you loose, may I have your autograph on these balls?
HJ: Fine !
MC: You have just promised, right ?
HJ: Yes, I have promised ( in Japanese)
Then HJ and MC tried to decide the right of the first draw by Janken.

* Janken starts from “fist” called “Goo in Japanese”

Eventually, HJ won the game.

MC: Sorry, I lost the game, I still would like to have your autograph on them,
plea~~~~se !
HJ pretended that he does not understand what she was talking about.
But he received the balls for autograph with a smile.

MC: He won the game, but how kind he is ! He gives his autograph !
HJ: No, I am not kind enough (he spoke again in Japanese in a laugh )
It is a job for the broadcasting (again in Japanese, a moment of glimpse of our
4D leader ^^)

NR: He may have felt my enthusiastic appeal ? No, it is not true, he has already thought about the gift for audience. Therefore, he autographed so carefully on the balls.

HJ: Now these are gifts for you (in Japanese)

The shooting place shifts to the boardroom of Keyeast where HJ is having a meeting with Keyeast staff.

NR: Kim Hyun Joong, born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul (in the special municipal area), Height 182 cm. Blessed with his figure and an outstanding sense of rhythm, he has been demonstrating a great leadership in putting together the five members with much talents and originarity. In a Korean version drama, “BOF”, he completely acted as Yoon JiHoo, which fascinated not only Korean and Japanese fans, but also those throughout Asia. I met him for the first time today. He was very polite: to my questions, he paid full attention and consideration, answering in a very careful manner.. His pupils were so fantastic that I felt as if I would be absorbed in them.

Part 4

NR: We heard from KH’s two close friends some stories worth listening to:
KHJ’s physical trainer and a dancer (back dancer?)

1st storty from his physical trainer.
TR: I frequently make an exercise with him. One day, we started our exercise with full enthusiasm at the gym where we have a pool, many exercise machines. After a hard exercise of barbell, and running, we challenged for swimming to make 15 returns. Though we started with full energy, just after making one return in a swimming pool, we made an eye-contact, then just gave up.

2nd story from his another friend (dancer)
Dancer: Between TV and private life, HJ does not have two faces, hiding nothing. Till recently, HJ and I lived together. As I am rather timid (frighten by what ???) , HJ slept in the same room. There is a rumour that HJ does not wear anything when he sleeps. It is true! I recognized that it was not a rumour but it is a true story. “ Ye~, it’s true ! “ he repeatedly said in Japanese “ honto (=true)”

NR: The next interview took place in a fashionable restaurant in Seoul. Hyun Joong ssi was so cool ! I am going to listen to more private stories, which you will know for the first time.

Q: How do you spend your time when you are not at work?

HJ: Without exercise, I feel burning with the desire for it. Therefore, I play football every Sunday. From Monday through Saturday, I make it sure to go to gym everyday. In Korea, “Gym” is called “health” .

Q: Were there anything you felt embarrassment when you came to Japan?

HJ: There are different connotations among Japanese and Korean languages. For example, I made a mistake in pronunciation; instead of saying “Doryoku shimasu (make an effort), I said “ Noryoku shimasu” . It’s a mistake of pronunciation, right ? ( he confirmed with the translator next to him) I meant that I would like to make an effort, but due to the mistake in pronunciation, I actually mentioned that I will demonstrate my cabality ( though “Noryuku shimasu” is strange in Japanese) . At that time, it was difficult for me to recognize delicate differences in pronunciation, neither different connotations in Japanese. Therefore, I could not have a smooth communication with people. There is another story about that.

During the first visit to Japan, I asked a stylist to give my a necklace. I used a Korean word, “moccoli” to name necklace. Then I saw a subtle expression in her face.

*If you pronounce a necklace in Korean language in Japan, it implies “erection” in Japanese slang, that’s why the lady was so embarrassed when he only used Korean to name “necklace” .

HJ: So, if you compare vocabularies among Japanese and Korean languages, it is quite interesting (sometimes embarrassing !) I was much surprised later.

MC: If I hear that word “moccoli” from Hyun Joong ssi, I also got embarrassed.
HJ: Ah~~~ I have another story about different expressions between the two countries. When I said “ I went to the health (meaning “ gym” ) “, the guy asked me “ from the morning?” with a surprise. Well, I answered, “ Isn’t that the place you should go in the morning ?”

In Korea, we use “health” to mean “ gym”, but in Japan, this “health” has a different connotation (i.e., the place men receives sexual services in Japan). Anyway, by these embarrassing experiences, I learned differences in culture, languages, and so on.

NR: Now we understand that he had many difficulties while he was in Japan. Before closing this interview, I would like to ask him convey his message to the audience in front of TV.

HJ: For those who are looking “ Kim Hyun Joong, just the way you are” , did you enjoy this program though it is very short time ? Next time, see you in Japan. I will prepare a story which I hope you will enjoy, and a fantastic performance as well. You can have a high expectation ! Thank you !

Then he greeted to MC, staff, and so on “ Cheers for good work”
(* Otsukaresama deshita in Japanese )
NR: Kim Hyun Joong ssi, greeting to staff, putting the chair back to the original position under the table, all of which seems to be so natural for him. So nice to see him !!!

Next time, we are going to attend the shooting spot of 2011 Calendar. More and more to come ! See you again !

Japanese to English translation by lafone /

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Take A Peek On What's Inside SS501 Bags

This is old stuff, but I don't think I've posted this before, so I'm doing it now. High Cut featured our boys (sometime in May 2009) and some of the things they keep in their bags. Do you think that you can get a glimpse of a person by looking at the contents of his bag? Hmmm... I guess our boys are really stylish and chic and classy with their stuff!

  • Samsung Anycall's Haptic mobile phone
  • A pair of stylish Louis Vuitton sunglasses
  • KRW 10,000 in his wallet
  • A folded t-shirt
  • 80 GB iPod touch






Being A Triple S Has No Age Limits

Awwww... this is so touching. Two grandpa's are seated together watching our boys SS501 in their tvN fan meeting. One of them is holding a placard that says "SS501 Happy 5th Anniversary". I don't think our boys are related to these 2 gentlemen, do you? I think they're really fans. This brings a smile to my face. Maybe our 5 wonderful boys have touched them too. Just like they did to all Triple S around the world, from cute little kids, to teens, to young adults, and middle aged moms. Our boys are able to touch the hearts of people, regardless of age. But two grandpa Triple S... now, that's something you don't get to see everyday. Warms my heart.
Credit: 영원히정민@SS601

1 + 1 + 3 Still Equals 5

With the expiration of contract with their previous company, there has been some curiosity on popular group SS501’s future direction when leader Kim Hyun Joong signed to another contract by himself.

Firstly, in early June, Kim Hyun Joong signed with Bae YongJoon’s management company Key East, and it was known that Park Jung Min also signed with a new company on his own. There is a chance that Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun who had their activities as a unit nicknamed as ‘SS301’ in 2008, will group together to continue their activities as singers.

According to associates of SS501, Park Jung Min who has been very interested in acting, is searching for a new entertainment management company who will manage over him. However, in order to have group activities instead of going solo, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun are looking for new management company.

Being called SS301, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and Kim Hyung Jun, is currently a target for top music management companies in the FA (Free Agent) industry to scout them in. Even though they have received proposals for contracts worth a large amount of money from some management companies, but instead they are looking for a reliable management company whom they can trust. One close friend of the member said “Even though money (for contract) is no doubt an important factor, the members are trying to select one with a high capacity and whom they are able to trust completely.”

If SS501’s members sign with different new management companies on their own, it would be difficult for them to have activities as SS501 for the time being. However, since there is no disharmony between the members and that all of them want SS501 to continue on, it would seem that the group will not disband. Especially that SS501 is currently very popular in Taiwan, therefore there is possibility that they will come back together soon to do promotional activities in overseas.

Meanwhile, SS501’s future direction as ‘1+1+3’ is a similar model as idol group H.O.T’s path when they disbanded, has gathered attention. H.O.T disband in 2001, Moon HeeJun and Kangta became solo singers while Jang WooHyuk, Tony An and Lee JaeWon continued by forming a group called jtL.

Credits: + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I woke up late today and this article was the first thing I read. I guess I'm kinda relieved for a bit that we now have an idea where SS501's future is heading. But you guys agree that SS301 is better than no promotion at all right? I mean, we've had this before when Leader joined BOF and Jung Min joined Grease. But the trio still retained the name SS501. And I have a feeling they WILL STILL carry the name SS501 (if they're allowed). I've got my fingers crossed for that. I hope they do. And I will still support them completely. I was preparing myself to support all 5 solo activities, but at least there's a possibility that the project unit will still do promotions as a group. I can accept that fully. I hope the three find themselves a good management company, one that will also support SS501 full group activities in the future. I hope JM finds a good company too. All 5 of them deserve nothing but the BEST!

I know you guys each have your own opinions after reading the article. Some hearts will sink, some hearts will perk up hopefully, but no matter what, I hope you guys still believe in SS501. I hope you still hear their promise echoing in your minds and hearts. Because no one is breaking that promise. SS501 IS NOT DISBANDING. They can be in different agencies and still come together as SS501 and make another album. But we have to be patient. This will take quite a while. But I know for a fact that if you're a true Triple S, you'll wait. Read Allkpop's version of this article, here.

Again, let's wait first for confirmation from DSP and the official announcement.

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Kim Hyun Joong Will Have Upcoming Japan Activities

'Little Yonsama' Kim Hyun Joong will be starting his official Japan activities in Bae Yong Joon's footsteps.

He will be carrying out promotional events for drama 'Boys over Flowers' for the first time after his recruitment into new agency Keyeast. Promotional events will be on the 18 August at Osaka Grand Cube and 21 August at Tokyo International Forum, with 2 sessions held for each event, and so a total of 4 sessions will be held.

SS501 who has had visited Japan just 4 months ago for the Saitama Concert at Super Arena, and the 'Boys over Flowers' premium event that was held 9 months ago, Kim Hyun Joong will soon be visiting Japan again, but this time -- for his personal work schedule.

Kim Hyun Joong who newly moved into Bae Yong Jun's agency company Keyeast just last month had been receiving hot attention for his affirmed potential in rising to a Hanryu star. However analyses about Kim Hyun Joong's popularity already surpassing that of Song Seung Heon and So Ji Sub's surfaces itself as well.

Keyeast personnel expressed, "Though it's true that Bae Yong Jun's fanbase has had expanded to Kim Hyun Joong too, we don't know how wide the scale is. That's why this time's Japan journey will be an important gauge for us for his future promotion activities."

Keyeast's affiliated company, Japan cable channel DATV broadcasted Episode 1 of 'Kim Hyun Joong's Everything' special programme on 27 July, this programme will be scheduled for series broadcast, and this is targeted to boost Hyun Joong's hanryu popularity further.

In addition, Hyun Joong will be making a visit to 'Boys over Flowers' Shizuoka prefecture shooting site along with fans on August 19-20 during his journey in Japan next month. And of course not forgetting 2 sessions of his fanmeeting on October 11 at Tokyo's JCB Hall in commemoration of his 1st Japanese DVD and Photobook 'The 1st Love Story' release.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong has begun his emittance behind Bae Yong Joon where he's been recently selected to be the new ambassador for cosmetic brand The Face Shop.

Credits: + ode@blog

Some people don't like it that Hyun Joong is following Bae Yong Joon's footsteps. According to them, Leader should have his own identity and not follow on someone else's. As for me, I don't think Leader will allow that to happen. I'm sure he wants to be known for his own work and would want to leave his own mark in the industry. What do you think guys?

Jung Min Wearing BubbleFlop Flip Flops

Awww, cute flip flops! I really love how Jung Minnie has all the cutest fashion paraphernalia. He's really a fashion icon. I searched the net and Bubbleflop doesn't just operate in Korea. They also have a US website, BubbleflopUSA. They've got flip flops ranging from the fruit variety, to babies, sports, and even fun & romantic! Check them out!
Credit: +

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Kim Hyung Jun Tweeted From Music High Recording Earlier

Just found out this afternoon that the PD of Music High is on Twitter too! He posted in his Twitter account these pictures of Maknae during pre-recording of Music High earlier.

Hyung Jun also tweeted earlier this picture of Music High PD napping... with the caption 이 분은 ..? 누구시지.. 전설의 남PD 브라덜~? (Translation: this person is..? Who is he.. he is legendary Nam PD brother~?) Kekeke. Naughty maknae. Thanks to xiaochu@Quainte for the translation!

Again, let me remind you guys that this is the real Twitter account of Hyung Jun: HyungJun87

Among the SS501 members, only Baby and Jung Min have Twitter accounts. So please, those Twitter people who are claiming to be Young Saeng, Kyu, and Leader... these are fake accounts! These are not confirmed accounts so please stop following them!

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Birthday Party With 2,000 Fans

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Birthday Party with 2,000 fans…site traffic excess

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will be having a birthday party together with about 2,000 fans.

Triple S (SS501 fanclub) will hold a 2,000-seats birthday party at Melon AX Hall, KwangJin-gu, Seoul to celebrate Kim Hyung Jun’s birthday. The fans have opened a birthday party website for this event. However, due to the overwhelming support from fans, the website suffered excess traffic, etc, displaying unchanged SS501’s popularity.

Even though Kim Hyung Jun is scheduled to attend the party on that day, it is unknown if he will talk about his decision to stay or leave the management company. A SS501 associate said “SS501 is one of the groups who are exceptionally close to their fans. The fans will prepare birthday parties for them every year, members will gratefully accept it. Even though there are many times where they have made surprise confessions to the fans, I know that HyungJun has not decided on whether to stay or leave. Because of that, this birthday party will be purely an enjoyable time with fans.”

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Hope our maknae enjoys that party of his! We're excited for the pictures and fancams and everything. If there is a surprise confession, we await it too! Less than a week 'till Hyung Jun's birthday! MORE DETAILS HERE.

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Kim Hyung Jun Went Furniture Shopping

Hyung Jun went shopping for furniture! Wow! Refurbishing his house? Can't understand what's written below, but I'm sure translation will be out soon. Baby is looking oh so cool! Gosh, he's so handsome!

Credit: 해린@SS601

Super Star Mini-Drama With SS501 Will Air Soon

I'm sure you've heard about Super Star right? Our boys will be acting in this mini-drama which consists of 10 different stories. For each story, the cast, storylines and producers are different. Hyung Jun will act in Episode 4: Black City. He filmed his episode last year, you can see the teaser here. Kyu will act in Episode 6: Never Ending Love, and Jung Min will act in Episode 8: Meet. He filmed his episode last June. I hope Young Saeng will act in one episode too. The first episode of Super Star will be aired real soon. Not sure yet of the exact date. Stay tuned.

Credit: 妈妈小花@BAIDU