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The Commoner Side Of Kim Hyun Joong (Samsung Card Activity Fan Account)

This is a fan account written by someone who was lucky enough to be chosen for Samsung Card Activity...

That man that the Samsung staffs called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ (Samsung Card Activity Fan Account)

I neither am someone who has come to this place and post nor thought that I would actually post such things. I was incidentally chosen for Samsung Card, as someone who had spend more than an hour with this man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’, I would like to share with everyone what I had seen with my very own eyes about this commoner called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’.

First: ‘I’m eating with my fan hence I don’t want to receive money.’
Normally for Samsung, the participating fan would have to pay the activity fees, since it is after all an ‘Eating with Kim Hyun Joong ‘activity, but this man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong rejected it and expressed that he just wanted to eat with the fan, just come, don’t need to pay such fees.

Second: ‘Just want to meet with fan comfortably and happily without being watched by the reporters and the cameras’
Since he’s a star, Samsung thinks that there should definitely be reporters and the cameras. When asked about his thoughts on whether there should be recording, this man called Kim Hyun Joong expressed that he just want to chat comfortably with the fan, be happy and have fun, because it’s awkward to just sit quietly hence would like to play some interesting games.

Third: ‘I have no problem with the time hence would like to play games, I don’t have other schedules so it’s okay’
The game took longer than excepted, hence more than an hour had passed. As a result, the host expressed that the game should stopped, but this man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ while someone was looking at the watch expressed that he’s fine, because being with fan is very interesting, hence would like to continue, the Samsung staff was surprised and said that she/he always thought that to star, time is money.

Fourth: ‘I like military tanks…would like to have one’
When it’s time for the fan to ask question, the fan asked what kind of car does he like to drive. Perhaps fearing to give a misleading answer, he thought in silence for a moment. This man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ replied that he would like but unable to drive a military tank. The Samsung Staff said that it’s very 4-Dimensional and at the same time very thoughtful. (Note: Anyone who is a fan of star will know that when any star said he likes something, as a fan who likes him, she will try her best to buy what he wants and give it to him, hence Kim Hyun Joong gave such answer.)

Fifth: ‘From now on, my aim is to give a free and happy concert, one where fans need not pay money’
When asked what aim he has for the future, without any hesitation, this man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’ said his reply. It’s not to become a Hallyu star nor be a world star but let the fans not to worry over money and happily watch concert as his aim. This man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’. The Samsung staff said that he’s really someone who cares for the fans.
Even though I’m someone who knows Kim Hyun Joong, knows SS501 for a short period, this activity of which I was incidentally chosen, allowed me to see this commoner side of Kim Hyun Joong of which made me feel even more delighted.

Even though I don’t know a lot of details (due to the time of being a fan), that day, what I had seen and felt of this man called ‘Kim Hyun Joong’, he’s not like what everyone is saying, he’s NOT someone who will abandon his members, wants to disband (SS501), choose (new) company due to money. Even the ones who host this activity felt the same and expressed that he’s very good man. Before Kim Hyun Joong and the other members have officially announced their disbandment, before they have spoken about this, everyone should believe (them) more than me. Having supported Kim Hyun Joong for so long, those criticisms of him, it isn’t late to say it after we know the truth right. As someone who works as a nurse at one of Kang Nam’s hospital, I have seen many stars who came to see doctors, (realised that) stars are ordinary people too who will bleed when they’re injured. If this thread is an opportunity to make people understand Kim Hyun Joong more, it is allowed to be moved to any places, hope that more people will know. Even up to now I still feel very thankful to them because I got to know Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.Because I was not a fan then hence didn’t know where to write this account. Hyun Love (ID).

Credits: (Chinese translation) 爱@ Gelzo + (English translation)
May be taken out to any site that truly loves Hyun Joong. Do not take this out to any site associated with ‘We got married’


After reading this fan account, I feel like crying again. I AM SO TOUCHED by the very essence of Hyun Joong. I don't even know how to begin to put this into words. After everything that's been going on in the past few days, ever since he took the first step and signed with KeyEast, he bravely moved forward and shouldered all the blame and criticisms. A lot of so-called Triple S fans have judged him and condemned him for transferring to another company. I can't stand those negative comments and reactions. It just pisses me off! Hyun Joong only signed with KE after having been assured that he can continue SS501 group activities. He did a lot of discussion and negotiation with Bae Yong Joon and KeyEast management to make sure that KE will fully support SS501 activities as a group. That was a condition that has to be fulfilled. He never abandoned his brothers, and he never will. He just took the first step, he did what he had to do. That's what a LEADER does, he LEADS. Hyun Joong is a good Leader, a true Leader of SS501. And I hope that his brothers will follow his lead, as they've always done.

I am hurt with what other people have said about Hyun Joong. Throughout the years, Leader has shown his love for us. If you've been a Triple S long enough, you would have witnessed how much he loves his fans, enough to push his body to the limits, through sickness, injuries, and accidents... he pushed through all this, just to give us happiness. And it's not even the money he cares about. He always said that he wants to have a concert where fans don't need to pay to watch. That alone, is something so touching that I don't even know how others can think wrongly about his intentions.

I'm glad this fan account was written because it once again reminds those who have "once loved Hyun Joong but now hates him" that they're wrong to judge him. You should be ashamed of yourselves for letting rumors and assumptions influence your perception of him. How can you love him and turn against him in one day? To those who have been trusting and believing in Hyun Joong since Day 1 and still continuing to support him in these challenging times, THANK YOU! We will love Kim Hyun Joong unconditionally, 4D and all, because he also loves us dearly. That's all I can say.

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