Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot & Sexy SS501!

Okay, so we like to see our idols show some skin from time to time right? No one will disagree with me on that. LOL. Don't you just love it when the boys tease us with their sexy moves? From their totally hot dance moves, seductive stage presence, to showing some skin, and finally, for Leader Hyun Joong at least, taking the top off, all the way! Kekeke. Even Saengie showed some skin. Although for the most conservative member, Jung Minnie, I can't remember a time when he deliberately showed some skin in their live performances. Have you guys? He's always wearing a shirt underneath their sleeveless outfits. The most I've seen is with their Love Ya outfit, where he was able to show some back skin. Haha. He kind of makes up for it with his sexy charisma moves and facial expressions, but still. I know Jung Min fans would love for him to let go a little, you know what I mean? Kekeke. But oooh, these men are all so damn sexy!

Credit: as tagged on pics

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