Friday, July 23, 2010

Vote For Love Ya and U R Man on MYX!

TSPH, Love Ya is now on MYX! And not only that, U R Man was shown a few days ago too! This is what we've been waiting for Triple S Philippines. A chance for our fellow countrymen to see the boys' wonderful performances! MYX has a lot of audience reach and this is a chance for SS501 to be known in our country. So please spare a few pesos of your load to vote.

To vote for "Love Ya" in MYX! Just text:

MYX VOTE LOVE YA and send to 2366.

To vote for "U R Man" in MYX! Just text:

MYX VOTE U R MAN and send to 2366.

Please be careful of the spaces between the words and letters, okay? You can vote 10x a day! Please tell your friends! Let's make them #1 Triple S! We can do it! Fighting!

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