Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Sets SS501 Apart From Other Boy Bands?

For me, SS501 is one-of-a-kind. Why? Well, to answer that, I've listed 10 things that set SS501 apart from all the other Korean boybands. And these are:
  1. They are the wackiest group I've ever seen. And when I say wacky, I really mean WACKY! As in hilarious, funny, wild, crazy... you name it. In an adorable way.
  2. Each member can both SING and DANCE really well. And other than singing and dancing, they have other talents that are just fab. A gifted, talented bunch of guys.
  3. Almost all of their songs in their albums are great to listen to! Other groups have, like, 1 or 2 songs that are pretty decent, and the rest are crap. But with SS501, all their songs are good!
  4. All SS501 members complement each other, and they each contribute something that is essential to the group as a whole. Their personalities combined make the group a harmonious body working as one.
  5. You can't help but love SS501 because they're just so adorable together. Even other artists love these boys, there's just nothing you can hate about them.
  6. They are prettier than flowers. They're simply the prettiest group around. Hands down. Just look at all the other boybands, even if you pick their most handsome member and add them all together, it wouldn't even equal SS501's prettiness combined. I mean, in other groups, there's only 1 or 2 decent looking members, and the rest are, well... never mind. But with SS501, ALL OF THEM ARE HANDSOME!!!
  7. These boys can make you smile, laugh, and cry... sometimes, even at the same time! They bring fun, excitement, and a range of different emotions that will inspire you, help you through the tough times, uplift you when you're feeling sad, and comfort you when you're down. They move people not just with their music, but with their very personalities.
  8. They love their fans so much. I mean, I know all artists love their fans, but these boys really make the extra effort to show it to their fans. The love they have for their fans can't be measured. They even go out of their ways just to show how grateful they are to the fans and to show their appreciation.
  9. Their bond is amazing. They treat each other like brothers, not just band mates. I'm not kidding, this is like the BIGGEST reason why I love them so much. You can't help but be touched by their love for each other.
  10. They are the most down-to-earth. No matter how popular they are, they still have their feet on the ground. They never boast, and they always remain humble. They didn't change just because of FAME. They are the same adorable, kind, sweet guys they were back when they first debuted.
I hope that with these reasons, Triple S fans will be reminded why we all love SS501 so much. And for those who are only starting to learn about SS501, I hope these reasons will inspire you to know more about them. You can know more about them by watching their various SS501 shows and following news about them. Please feel free to add your reasons why you love them in the comments section. Enjoy the process of your SS501 discovery!


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