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G.NA Song '키스해줄래' Part Of Mischievous Kiss OST

One of the things I'm looking forward to in Leader's new drama is the OST. I loved the OST for Boys Over Flowers, so I'm excited to hear what Mischievous Kiss has in store for us. It's already been said that Hyun Joong will sing a song for the OST. I only wish that SS501 will have a part in the OST too! That would be so awesome! Anyway, since today is September 1 already, I'll start the month off by posting this song "키스해줄래" or "Kiss Me" by G.NA which is the theme song for the female lead in Mischievous Kiss. What do you think? Personally, I like the beat!
Video Uploader: LuvBiRain7@YouTube

More Kim Hyung Jun Interviews In Singapore From Razor TV

Okay, I was debating with myself whether to post these videos or not. Why? Primarily because I don't like what the reporter is saying about Hyung Jun leaving SS501, or calling him "ex-SS501 member" or "former SS501 member". It just annoys me that even after Hyung Jun said that SS501 is still together, they would still say this. I mean, as a news portal, they should be more careful in reporting accurate facts and not assumptions, which are absolutely unfounded. Where were they when Hyung Jun said (XIN MSN Interview) that SS501 is NOT disbanded?! Seriously! But aigoo, seeing Maknae's cuteness and adorable facial expressions, I finally gave in and posted these. Sigh, anyway, I hope my readers can look past the reporter's statements and believe in Hyung Jun himself. SS501 is still very much together!!!
Hyung Jun's 6 Different Expressions

He Makes Monkey Faces

Weirdest Netbuzz About Him
Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

[Video] 100830 Hyun Joong's Beach Scene for Jangki

Notice From KeyEast: KHJ Is Coming With Mischievous Kiss

2010.08.31 KHJ is coming with ‘Mischievous Kiss’

Hello, this is KEYEAST.

These days the autumn is coming in Korea. We hope every member has memorable autumn days this September.

As you already know, the press conference of ‘Mischievous Kiss’ was held on Aug. 26.

On the spot we could feel burning interest and expectation of the press at home and abroad for KHJ and the drama.

Thanks to your support, the conference was finished well, and every staff was encouraged. We truly appreciate your care and support. KHJ and all the staff will remember your love all the time and make every effort in order to return your favor.

The highly anticipated drama, ‘Mischievous Kiss’ will be broadcasted at 9:55 pm. every Wednesday and Thursday starting on Sep. 1st. We kindly ask your everlasting love and interest for the drama and KHJ and hope you all enjoy the series fully.

Additionally, KHJ’s official homepage is almost completed. Please be known that every staff has been trying hard to make a comfortable open space to communicate with all the fans and wait for it with expectation. We are looking forward to meeting you through the new homepage soon.

Hope you have a great day.




Credits: + iMBC

Tomorrow is Sept. 1! Are you guys ready for Kim Hyun Joong's comeback drama?

Hyung Jun Says Goodbye To Singapore In Straight English!

Wow! It's my first time hearing our Baby Jun speaking straight complete English sentences. Hahaha! Such a pleasant surprise. But why do I get this feeling he actually wrote it down on paper to say to fans? LOL. Anyhow, he's soooo adorable! He's really trying, and that simple gesture is so heartwarming to us fans. I hope Hyung Jun learns more English so that next time, he'll surprise us even more! Thank you Baby! We love you so much!!!
Video Uploader: autumn501kiss@YouTube

Hyung Jun Talks About Younger Brother Ki Bum

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun recently signed with new management alone, and came to Singapore alone to meet fans for the first time. He, a 23 years old guy, has a straightforward and casual personality. While being interviewed, he will talk gently and laugh heartily, making lots of funny expressions. He even did 6 different poses for picture taking instantly and showed his English skills generously. During his interaction with fans, he is very generous, hugged them, laughed happily, electrified them with his charms, almost with no limitation and very friendly. However, Hyung Jun stated that when he is at home, he talks less, "but when up on stage, in order to mingle with fans, he will be very hyper and friendly".

He is the youngest in SS501, but is the eldest in his family. Having different status in different environments tend to make him confused. But he stated that currently, he is happy to be the youngest and a chatty KIm Hyung Jun, "because i am more suitable to be like that!".

Kim Hyung Jun debutted as SS501 in year 2005. His 3 years younger brother, Kim Ki Bum, joined U-Kiss 2 years ago, following Hyung Jun's footsteps into the entertainment industry. Hyung Jun event attended U-Kiss's events to support his little brother, showing their close relationship. However, recently U-Kiss's popularity is rising rapidly, will Hyung Jun be worried about his juniors overtaking him?

"My brother is currently very active in the industry, attending Korea variety shows. At first, we are good brothers, but now, i felt that he is a little threat, but he is still my good little brother!" He quickly added:"Just kidding! I am very happy to see my brother getting more attention and popularity".

U-Kiss came to Singapore twice, while this is the first time for Hyung Jun. He said that his brother had recommended him to try our local delicacies:"He told me Singapore's Chilli Crab and Pepper Crab is a must-try, and not to miss out on Singapore's night view. He even reminded me to buy a present for him. Haha!"
Hyung Jun & Ki Bum when they were little.

Hyung Jun also generously admit that he loves to search for his name on the web occasionally. His aim is to contribute to his popularity and increase the numbers of views. He stated:"Just started on my solo activities, thus i felt that this is a must, hope that fans will support me, and do the same for me!"

Participate in a musical at year end.

Hyung Jun will participate in a musical at the end of the year, hopes able to step into the movie industry in future.

After going solo, Kim Hyung Jun admits that sometimes he felt lonely. Now that he is alone, he needs to be more mature and careful in his social skills. But being a happy-go-lucky and straighforward, he added:"As a member of SS501, sometimes will want to try our different genres of music, but it might not suit the other members. Now being alone, i can pursue the music style that i like, and can get all the camera focus on myself. Haha!"

Having just signed with his new company, they stated that they protect Hyung Jun's activities with SS501. Even though they are in different agencies, but if they want to stand on stage together in future, the company will give their utmost support.

Kim Hyung Jun also disclosed that he will participate in a musical at year end:"Next i hope to advance into the movies industry. Wish that there is a good role for me!"

Hugs with fans.

Over 1000 fans gathered at IMM Garden Plaza last night for "Kim Hyung Jun Meet-and-Greet" session.

Kim Hyung Jun is very friendly and nice during the 2 hours event. He even praised that Singapore fans are very enthusiastic. When the host, Ken, asked him if he wanted to unbutton his vest as the weather is too hot, Hyung Jun actually launched a counter attack and wanted Ken to take off his jacket. The scenario is funny.

Apart from personally signed the posters for the first group of fans, Hyung Jun also addressed each poster according to their names. As for the second group of fans, they received a limited edition poster from Hyung Jun personally. Some of them even asked for a hug, a handshake, highfive etc, having closer contact with their idol.

Credits: Chinese new @ + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS

Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Awww, I've said it time and time again, I really love these brothers. A little healthy competition is actually nice, but these bros support each other so much that it's not even going to be an issue who's more popular. They each have their own fanbase, and even their own fans love them both! Those who love Hyung Jun support Ki Bum, and vice versa. Love the hyung, love the dongsaeng. Kekeke. That's why Triple S + Kiss Me's = ♥

Kim Hyun Joong Will Sing Mischievous Kiss OST

'Flower boy' Kim Hyun Joong will be singing the OST for his MBC drama 'Playful Kiss'

On the 31st, in a phone interview with Newsen, Playful Kiss OST's production team Sponge Entertainment Lee Sang Mok nim revealed, "Kim Hyun Joong recorded not long ago for the male lead's solo theme, it's a sweet ballad track".

In addition, "Because it's the theme of the male lead himself, instead of having others sing the song, it will be better if Kim Hyun Joong sings it himself, and this was recommended by Hwang In Roi PD nim, to which Kim Hyun Joong agreed readily". Not just that, "HyunJoong doesn't have any free time because of his very tight schedules that nests through nights, but even if he may be very tired, he still gave up his sleep and eventually finished recording for the song safely", "Instead, I encouraged him that concentration in the morning will achieve better results", showing his praise for HyunJoong.

"The moment news about Kim Hyun Joong participating in the OST came out, calls from media in Japan and Taiwan surged in almost immediately, and suddenly, we just realized how Kim Hyun Joong's popularity was so real", he also expressed. This solo track of HyunJoong's will be released mid of next week.

Credits: + ode@blog

I actually expected that Leader will song an OST for his new drama. I mean, that's kind of a given already. He sang a few for Boys Over Flowers, as well as his brothers in SS501. I hope that this time around, SS501 will also sing one or two songs for the OST. That would be fab! Can't wait to hear the songs! I'm sure they will be great!

Kim Hyun Joong @ Mischievous Kiss Beach Scene Shoot

New photos from Mischievous Kiss shooting are out! This time, they're shooting in the beach. Oh la la, there's just something really cool about the beach and Hyun Joong. Even though he's been very vocal that he doesn't like the beach because of sharks (LOL), he just sort of blends well with the beach as the background. What do you think?


In the video clip below, Leader looks like a little boy, having fun at the beach. Kekeke. Love his smile. I wonder how much they pay for the staff who follows Leader around with the umbrella. If that would be my job, I'll gladly do it. Haha. Getting paid following Leader around, sounds good eh?

Video Uploader: iqco206@YouTube

Kim Hyun Joong Signature T-Shirt Sold At High Price @ Charity Auction

There is an auction of 24hours TV 2010 on the 29th at Nissan’s Global Headquarters Gallery Yokohama

Sales are all donated to 24 hours to help the world

Auction goods including many celebrities

Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are both in the list

At the end of the auction, Hyun Joong’s T-shirt sold for 90000 yen (around 1100 Us dollars)

Bae Yong Joon’s one is even higher end up with 330,000 yen (around 3800 US dollars)


1,100 US dollars?! Wow, that's almost 50,000 pesos! Amazing! He can make a lot of people happy just for that alone. Wonderful Leader.

Ki Bum's Tweet About Hyung Jun's Fanmeeting in Singapore


At about 5am :
@JenniferPark318 You've had a hard time. Noona Goodnite + Good morning

*Jennifer Park is the lady who helped them around. I think she's the agent from Korea.

At about 5am :
@HyungJun87 Will be seeing hyung-nim at home soon

At about 4am :
Congratulations to hyung's successful Singapore fan meeting, Singapore local staffs, you had alot of hard times. Warner Singapore, HnB Company, S+, next time let's have an even more splendid performance together. Local & overseas Triple S who supported, Thank you. Jennifer noona Thank U!!

Credits : @90KKB + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Awww... so sweet of Ki Bum to tweet this. Once again, showing us how close these brothers are. He's probably missing his hyung a lot, and so happy because Hyung Jun's first solo activity went swimmingly well! Looking forward to more things from this duo.

Kim Hyung Jun Doesn’t Want To Be Labelled As Cute Anymore

Have you seen Hyung Jun's interview with XIN MSN in Singapore? This news basically summarizes what he said...

Kim Hyung Jun Don’t Want to be Labelled as Cute. Disclose Hyun Joong did Not Give him a Birthday Present

SS501′s maknae Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore alone, stated that he did not want to be called ‘cute’ in future. His birthday just ended in early August and disclosed that leader Hyun Joong never give him a birthday present, and complained that he is a “Bad Boy”.

Kim Hyung Jun is one of the members in korea band SS501. Since June when their contract with their previous company ended, each member has gradually take turns to signed with other companies. Recently, he also signed with S-Plus entertainment company, starting his “Solo” activities.

Yesterday, Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore for the first time as an individual and help a showcase at Republic Poly. About 80% of the tickets are sold by the organisers.

Apart from performing , and together with his korean dancers, he also played games with 20 lucky fans. Being articulate, he kept showcasing his English by throwing praising words to the fans, making everyone super elated.

Hyung Jun was very touched by the fans’ enthusiasm. Being an emotional person, he cried after watching the video and song specially created and written for him by fanclub.

Hyung Jun stated: ”i am nervous as i came to Singapore alone. Therefore, i did alot of preparation in Korea. Seeing so many fans supporting me, i am very touched and also very happy. i hope in future, i am able to stay in Singapore”.

Wanted to become “Manly”, don’t want to be praise as “Cute”.

Handsome Kim Hyung Jun is the maknae (youngest) in Ss501, fans nicknamed him as “Baby”, had turned 22 years old on the 3rd of August. Even though he protrayed his cuteness during the showcase, but during xinmsn’s interview, he said that he did not want to be labelled as cute in future!

Kim Hyung Jun told the reporter: “Up til last year, i am ok with fans saying that i am cute. But this year, i changed my mindset, hoping that fans will praise me as being charismatic and manly.

He spoke in English, seriously: ”I’m a Man”.

Kim Hyung Jun proudly clenched his fist, stating recently he is keen in working out in the gym. He also watched quite a number of dramas, learning how the male leads protray their mature side. He chuckled that he likes to watch kissing scenes, as he felt that it is very manly.

Kissing scene with female actress? Kim Hyung Jun: Very shy!

However, even though likes to see others kiss, but when being ask about his view of intimate scenes in his future acting projects, he is unable to conceal his shyness.

Kim Hyung Jun stated that he is willing to follow the directions of the director. The reporter saw Hyung Jun said “Please” to the camera, asked if that implied that he wished to have kissing scenes. He quickly reply:”Kissing scenes? i am shy! But, no matter is what character, what scene, i will do my very best. And, after all, it is only acting”.

Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that if able to have the opportunity to work with female artiste like Shin Min Ah (model) and Kim Tae Hee(actress), he will be very honoured.

As for what role he wanted to act, Kim Hyung Jun said that due to the fact that he watched Lee Byeong Heon acted in , thus he hope to act as someone with a strong character, one which is able to leave a deep impression in people, eg. killer.

Disclosed leader Kim Hyun Joong has poor memory, forgets about his birthday.

Actually, ever since Ss501 gradually started on their individual activities, fans are most concerned about when they will gathered together again.

As per mentioned by the other members before, Kim Hyung Jun reassured that signing contract with new management company and kicked start solo activities, does not mean that SS501 is disband.
“We are still together, our relationship is also very good. If possible, we hope to stand on stage together as soon as possible. While focusing on our individual careers now, we are still planning and preparing for our future concert and performance”.

Early August, Kim Hyung Jun had a fanmeeting in Korea to celebrate his birthday. Every members appeared apart fr leader Hyun Joong due to busy filming schedules. Baby is touched to tears seeing them, protrayed SS501 great relationship.

Will Kim Hyun Joong make up the present in future? Hyung Jun happily disclosed that “Hyun Joong is quite forgetful, cannot remember important stuffs, but i believe that even though he is away busy with filming, but deep in his heart, he will congratulate me”.

Speaking of presents, Hyung Jun sighed: ”No present. This is not the first time, i am not surprised”.

Hyung Jun even took the chance to “Scold” leader, “Bad boy, Leader bad!”. Seems like he is really used to Hyun Joong’s forgetfulness, and did not put it to heart.

Next, Hyung Jun is expected to participate in a musical, and will released his solo album next year, plus involvement in dramas. In addition, he also plan to start a business with his brother Kim Ki Bum(U-Kiss member) and become his own boss.

Credits: Chinese news @ + English translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS
Please Repost with Full Credits

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Heo Young Saeng With Former A'st1 Member Lim Han Byul

Lim Han Byul, a former A'st1 member tweeted a picture of him with our Otter prince Young Saeng! I believe this was taken yesterday, Aug 29. This was reportedly taken at a concert of Monday Kiz, a Korean group in which Han Byul is now a member of. Glad to see that ex-DSP talents are still friends even though they're not in the same company anymore. The pic is a bit blurred, but we all miss Saengie, so every sighting of him that we can uncover is precious.

Credit: onestarL@Twitter

Kata-kata dari Baby untuk Ss501

Pak Baby ada ngomong sesuatu di FM singapura kemaren...
rasanya lebih tenang mendengar ini... dia bilang..

"Mengubah manajemen baru dan mengejar karier solo tidak berarti bahwa akan memisahkan SS501, Kami masih bersama dan masih sangat dekat dan kami ingin tampil bersama lagi sesegera mungkin.. Jadi, sementara kita masing-masing mengejar solo karir kita sendiri, kita masih mempersiapkan diri untuk mengadakan konser dan tampil bersama. "

huhuhu.. ga sabar rasanya melihat mereka bersama lagi...


Words by baby for ss501

Baby Word at interview in FM singapore!
Mr. Baby said something in FM singapore yesterday ...
These fears seemed calmer after hearing this ... he said

"Changing a new management and pursuing a solo career doesn't mean that SS501 is going to separate. We are still together and still very close and we want to perform together again as soon as possible. So while we each pursue our own solo careers, we are still preparing to hold a concert and perform together."

check the video:

Park Jung Min @ CNR Media's Official Inauguration Ceremony

SS501 Park Jung Min, First Official Meeting on 30-Aug After Moving to New Agency
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark501@YouTube

5-member male idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min will have his first official meeting after moving to a new agency.

Park Jung Min will attend his new agency CNR Media's official inauguration ceremony on 30-Aug in Gangnam, Seoul.

With this, this will be the first appearance through an official meeting of Park Jung Min since his official announcement to move to a new agency on 10-Aug. This is the reason that this event has gathered attention.

Park Jung Min's new agency CNR Media is a joint company by Taiwan drama production company Comic Ritz and Korea's Roy Media, so it will be definitely helpful for Park JungMin's activities in Asia.

Agency's representative said "In the future, Park JungMin will go into active promotional activities locally as well as in the whole of Asia region. The biggest aim for him is to have a firm position in the Asia region."

Besides Park JungMin, SS501's leader Kim HyunJoong also left his previous agency DSP Media in June, joining Bae YongJoon's agency Key East. In addition, Kim HyungJoon recently also moved to Kang JiHwan's agency S-Plus and have plans for solo activities in Asia.

Credits : Starnews + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I miss Jung Minnie. I wonder why there are no pics of him from the inauguration.

Playful Kiss ~ Long Trailer

Kim Hyung Jun Talks About SS501 & Future Plans (XIN MSN Interview)

I just love this interview of Hyung Jun with XIN MSN in Singapore! He talks about SS501, his future plans in terms of career and personal life, and why Hyun Joong wasn't able to make it to his 24th birthday party. Kekeke. You'll hear, not from the news, but from Hyung Jun himself, that SS501 will not disband and is still very much together. I hope that no one will doubt them after this. Our baby is so cute making all those funny facial expressions and little bits of English side comments. Hahaha. Ooops, sorry, he doesn't want us to call him cute anymore, but handsome, and manly. Like he said in the 2nd vid, "I'm a man!". LOL. No matter what you say Maknae, you're still our cute Baby.

Kim Hyung Jun: "Changing a new management and pursuing a solo career doesn't mean that SS501 is going to separate. We are still together and still very close and we want to perform together again as soon as possible. So while we each pursue our own solo careers, we are still preparing to hold a concert and perform together."

Video Uploader: shirbogurl5@YouTube


Park JungMin akan tampil di depan publik setelah ia pindah agensi

Sejak kontrak SS501 berakhir, semua orang cemas menunggu untuk melihat apa yang akan dilakukan para member selanjutnya. Park JungMin yang baru saja pindah ke agensi baru, dikabarkan akan kembali tampil di depan umum. Ini adalah penampilan pertamanya sejak ia pindah agensi.

Pada tanggal 30 Agustus, di daerah yang dirahasiakan di Gangnam, Seoul, Park JungMin akan membuat penampilan di depan publik untuk pertama kali dengan menghadiri upacara pembukaan perusahaannya, CNR Media.

Agensi barunya, CNR Media adalah kolaborasi dengan Perusahaan Produksi Drama Taiwan Comic Ritz dan Roy Media di Korea Selatan . Sebagai perusahaan yang dibangun melalui kerja sama dengan luar negeri, ini dikatakan sangat membantu kegiatan JungMin untuk merambah ke seluruh Asia.

Seorang pejabat agensi mengatakan, “Untuk kegiatan Park JungMin mendatang di dalam negeri , serta untuk kegiatan di seluruh negara Asia , tujuan besarnya adalah agar ia memiliki posisi di Asia.”


Park JungMin will appear in public after he moved the agency

Since the contract expired SS501, everyone is anxiously waiting to see what will be the next member. Park JungMin who had recently moved into a new agency, is rumored to be returning to appear in public. This is his first appearance since he moved the agency.

On August 30, in a secret area in Gangnam, Seoul, Park JungMin will make appearances in public for the first time to attend the opening ceremony of the company, CNR Media.

New agency, CNR Media is a collaboration with Taiwanese Drama Production Company Comic Ritz and Roy Media in South Korea. As a company built through cooperation with foreign countries, is said to be very helpful to explore JungMin activities throughout Asia.

An agency official said, "For the next
Park JungMin activities in the country, as well as for activities in all countries of Asia, the goal is that he has a position in Asia."

Source: News
Translation : SS501 Fighting +
Written By : Jejjmin@Kpoplive Zharh@triple s surabaya+rt

Pesan pak Saengie di Cyworld

Sekarang tidak punya tempat bagiku untuk menulis.. xixi

Harusnya ini adalah cyworld rahasiaku.. tapi sepertinya semuanya sudah tau..;
Lalu~ aku pikir akan membuka cyworld ini untuk umum.. -
Tetapi sepertinya semuanya sudah mengunjungi seenaknya…ke jadi jangan dibuka di depan umum ya~
Jangan hack passwordku.. atau aku akan menutup cyworld ini..
Ngomong-ngomong… foto cewek-cewek.. foto spesial.. tidak ada sama sekali~

Baru-baru ini, aku ke Jepang… ke L.A… sebenarnya juga ke Las Vegas sebentar..
Semuanya penasaran kan…? xixi Apa yang kami lakukan disana.. xixi
Di Jepang, aku tidak sedikitpun mengambil foto..ㅠㅠ Hanya ingin memuaskan hati kesana.
Di US.. mengambil banyak foro kenangan..
Yang paling penting, kami berlibur dengan ekstensif… ^ ^
Melihat bungee jumping dari tingkat 108…. dengan mataku sendiri!!! ke ke
Aku tidak mengerti.. – - kenapa menghabiskan hanya untuk mempertaruhkan nyawamu..;

Semuanya masih…penasaran tentang apa..?
Apa yang akan terjadi padaku dan KyuJong.. xixi
Aku juga tidak tau~~akan jadi apa kami..
Tetapi..sepertinya semuanya berjalan lancar~~semuanya..
Aku akan membiarkan kalian penasaran!! tapi tidak terlalu~~

Twitter sepertinya sangat populer.. Aku masih tidak bisa menggunakannya..;;
Jadi..masih tetap di cyworld… ^^

Mo..ngomong-ngomong.. jangan terlalu penasaran~~
Jangan terlalu penasaran…dan melanggar privasiku~~ xixixixixi
Ketika kalian merindukan aku.. ketika kalian sanga merindukan aku…
Ah~~ketika kalian merindukan aku tampil di stage~~ ketika itu…
Ketika itu… Aku mungkin saja sedang dance dan bernyanyi..
Ketika aku tampil.. aku tidak suka memberikan mic ku kepada orang lain!!! Aku orang yang seperti itu~~ xixi
Pasti orang-orang ingin melihat aku.. akan meninggalkan komentar.. Aku merindukan kalian sekarang!! Ada orang-orang yang seperti itu.. – -

Monster rakus!! Wohoho!

Jangan kuatir… Beristirahatlah… Seiring berjalannya.. waktu..
akan ada berita baik… ^^


Mr. Young Saeng Cyworld Message

Now do not have a place for me to write .. xixi

This is supposed to be secret Cyworld .. but it seems everything has to know ..;
Then ~ I think it will be open to the public Cyworld .. -
But it seems everything is visiting ... so do not arbitrarily be opened in public ~
Do not hack my password .. or I will close this Cyworld ..
By the way ... .. girls photos special photo .. nothing ~

Recently, I went to Japan ... to LA ... actually also to Las Vegas for a while ..
Everything's curious ...? xixi What we did there .. xixi
In Japan, I'm not the least take a photo ..
ㅠㅠJust wanted to satisfy my heart.
In the U.S. .. take lots of photo memories ..
Most importantly, we are vacationing with extensive ... ^ ^
See bungee jumping from the 108 level .... with my own eyes! xixi
I do not understand .. - - Why spend only for risking your life ..;

Everything was still curious about what ... ..?
What will happen to me and KyuJong .. xixi
I also do not know ~ ~ so what will we ..
But it seems things are going well .. ~ ~ all of them ..
I'll let you wonder! but not too ~ ~

Twitter seems very popular .. I still can not use it ..;;
still in Cyworld .. ... ^ ^
Annoying ~ ~

Mo. .. anyway .. do not be too curious ~ ~
Do not be too curious ... and violate my privacy ~ ~ xixixixixi
When you miss me .. when you really miss me ...
Ah ~ ~ when you miss me perform at a stage
~ ~ when it ...
When it ... I'm probably just being dance and sing ..
When I look .. I do not like giving my mic to someone else! I'm such a man ~ ~ xixi
Surely people want to see me .. will leave a comment .. I miss you now! There are people who like that .. - -

Greedy monster! Wohoho!

Do not worry ... .. take a the Rest ...along... time ..
there will be good news ... ^ ^

Credits : YoungSaeng Cyworld + (pic) + (English Translation of YS msg) crazynoona + + (Indonesian Translation) chy @


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Meet & Greet In Singapore

As we know, after the Showcase, Maknae also had a Meet & Greet Session. He did autograph signing for the fans. Here's a video clip of the first few minutes of the fanmeet. Thanks LHL! I just love hearing Hyung Jun speak English. He should practice it more often. Kekeke. And thanks to SGTripleS for the live updates in Twitter earlier!
Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

And here are some photos from the Meet & Greet tweeted by SGTripleS. I'm sure more HQ photos will be out soon!

Credits: SGTripleS

And here's a picture of Baby with the host in the Meet & Greet Session, Radio 1003 DJ Ah Ken.

Credits: DJ Ah Ken’s facebook page + Baidu

Credit: Pretty Boy

Fancams From Kim Hyung Jun Showcase In Singapore

Here are some fancams from Hyung Jun's Showcase in Singapore... First up is the video that Singapore TS made especially for Maknae. It's called Voice Across The Seas, which was shown during the showcase. Heard that Maknae was teary eyed while watching. Great job TS! The video is so touching! More fancams available in THIS BLOG.
Video Uploader: SgTripleS@YouTube

And here's a clip of Hyung Jun drawing some of the fans on stage. Hahaha! His sketches are so cute! The fans who were drawn are so lucky! They get to have a keepsake of Hyung Jun that's so special, a handmade drawing from Maknae himself! Now, that's 501x better than a simple autograph, don't you think?

Video Uploader: cupckins@YouTube

Here are some performance clips of Maknae singing I Am, Girls, and Mars Man, Venus Woman...

Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Video Uploader: SgTripleS@YouTube

Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Kim Hyung Jun Showcase In Singapore

Aigoo, I was out the whole day, and although I wanted to be around to hear the live updates from Maknae's showcase this afternoon, I needed to be with my family. But thanks to our Singapore TS, we are still updated! Thanks so much @Yen4KHJ for providing us with live tweet updates! I'm shoving this from Liezle's blog, hope she doesn't mind. It's a rundown of Maknae's showcase this afternoon. Thanks again gals! Looks like everyone had a blast!

* The fan meet started a little over at 3:30.
* Maknae's first song is Girls, girls girls
* Then in interview he has said that he tried the pepper and chili crab. And finds sg hot
* First game with fans has started
* He's speaking in English a little bit
* There's one missing player so hyung Jin decided [host] he'd pick one. Then Maknae came down the stage
* But then organizers hand in the lucky draw bowl about
* Game is true or false. And all of them are getting it right
* He said "I'm so sleepy" [which Yen doesn't know why]
* Hyung Jun is helping with the answers in the games
* He second song he sang the men from mars song and came down from the back and walked down the aisle among the fans
* He said he likes the SG skyline at night and wants to live here someday.
* Next game started and the made him draw the girls on the stage. His comments are funny
* After drawing the face, he'd sign and write in the name of the fan. Then photo with arms on the shoulder
* His comments are damn funny. He said he shld charge for his drawings $10
* He actually draw for 5 girls
* Third game is the dibidibidip scissors paper stone
* Every girl gets a hug
* When he hugged two girls, he carried them
* Sgts gave him a bday cake and fans sang d bday song and a special gift
* He said he's so happy that tripleS came and that he's nervous coz he's alone and not w/ the other members
* His English is not bad and interaction with the fans is very good. Some comments are a bit patronizing but it made fans all happy
* A little over pass five the event is finished.

Here are a few pictures tweeted by @violettacal and @SGTripleS. Thanks girls!

And a few more pics from @hl2412. Thanks girl! More photos can be found in her album. Baby is so cute and hot!

Credit: LHL