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Fan Account From BOF Alumni Event In Tokyo + F3 Pictures

Fan Account : Boys Over Flowers in Tokyo 08.21.10

They played a game which they rotate a wheel disk in turn and the person whom the indicator aims at must answer a question. No matter what the question is he/she must reply or else he/she has to drink vinegar. The indicator pointed at Kim Jun and Hyesun asked him, “When was your last kiss?”. Kim Jun couldnt answer and had to drink vinegar^^. The 4 of them all drank vinegar at least once since all the questions were really mischievous.

Extract of some talk sessions

Hyesun, “For the sake of my new drama, I decided to cut my hair. In addition, am also settling some matters regarding some short film movies”.
[Q] What kind of role is it this time?
[HS] A medical student who dreams to become a musical artist

[Q] So did you prepare any musical practices? Was it tough?
[HS] Mainly taking lessons and training on singing and dancing, very tough

[Q] Hmm musical….I think Kim Jun has experience…?
[KJ] Your stature/status is very important

[Q] How do you feel hearing that?
[HS] Ahh~~Ohh~……
[KJ] In fact I failed during my effort to adjust my stature…..That’s why I thought of this point at once

[Q] Hyun Joong!!!!!!!! Heard that you’re challenging a high-school student role again?
[HJ] Yeah. A high-school student role again. This time, 2 years older. So I guess this time will be the last I will challenge as a high-school student…

[Q] So in order for you to look more like a high-school student, what preparation did you do?
[HJ] Because he’s a high-school student, the biggest problem was about the mustache…

[Q] Was there any interesting episodes during shooting? (Playful kiss)
[HJ] Should be the shooting schedule, because we didn’t really get to shoot alot, so today for the fact I came here should be considered another episode. When I get back I guess I have to burn midnight oil for some continuous days, I will work hard. *laughs*

=airs Playful Kiss teaser=

[Host] Looks alot like a high-school student yo~
[HJ] Yeah, thats right…

[Host] How do you feel when you look at it yourself?
[HJ] In order to look more like a high-school student, I took alot of care on complexion. Because there are more outdoor shoots, so I had to take care of complexion more careful than usual time. Right now I’m still shooting for high-school days, in around episode 6, I will become a undergraduate (will shoot for uni.days).

[Host] So which areas of complexion management did you look into?
[HJ] Will go to kick football with dancers at dawn (sunrise). After sweating alot, I used cold water to cleanse my face, that can help to reduce pores.


Part 2 — collation of famous scenes

Began to air the video, everyone was watching together.
Suddenly…..a rouse of laughter was heard coming from the mike…..who was it?

So…it was Hyesun…
HyunJoong swiveled his head to laugh too…

=After collation of scenes on screen ended=

[Q] Why laughed so happily?
[Hyesun] I looked too nerdy back then… *laughs*

[Q] Nono, not at all~~~
[HS] Ye thanks… *laughs*

[Q] Heard you put on weight?
[HS] Gained about 5kg of weight

[Q] In the promo video for this time’s final BoF event, it was mentioned of “hopes to shoot in a hot day”?…
[HJ] Yeah because back then we shot in very cold weather. Hyesun told me about wrapping dyna paper on ourselves, it can help to keep heat. But during my free time, I was basically always sleeping. Because after you finish wrapping we still have to remove it for shooting, so I didnt really try it out.

[Q] Wrap where..?
[HJ] Wrap the entire body…but whenever there were free time I went to sleep, though I knew it was a good way, but I didn’t try it at all.

[Q] Hyesun told you, so that means she tried it before?
[HS] Yeah. Many actors try that too. Whenever it’s cold weather, and during rainy days.


Part 3 – Rolling wheel game

[Host] This BoF event is already the 4th event, so basically every question we wanted to ask have all been asked, so! We decided to set up this game!
The wheel turns…and whoever the indicator points to, that person has to answer any question at all no matter what it may be, if he/she cannot answer, he/she drinks vinegar.

Indicator keeps pointing to Kim Jun…. kkkkkk
Hyesun asked him “when was your last time kissing”, Kim Jun couldnt answer, so he drank vinegar…
Basically I think everyone drank vinegar. (probably everyone’s questions were too naughty? kkk)

The wheel was practically spinned by the MC all the while, so everyone was saying because she’s the one spinning no wonder it keeps pointing to Kim Jun, thats why each of them began to take turns to spin the wheel, but no idea why despite so, the indicator still kept pointing to Kim Jun…hhhhh

[Q] Your embarrassing moment in front of friends?
[HJ] My parents obviously moved house already, but because I drank alcohol, so I forgot about it and went back to the old address.

[Q] Does Hyesun have any embarrassing moment?
[HS] Haha…I dont have friends~ *laughs*
[HJ] It’s true *laughs*
-Hyesun punches him-
[HS] When I drink I’m very shy (??) Why??

[Q] Heard that Hyesun has some good liquor?
[HS] Naaa

[Q] Heard that you can drink really well?
[HS] No…

[Q] Hyunjoong didnt attend the last BoF graduation event, so you didnt receive your grad cert…
[HJ] I had other schedule at that time, no choice… *laughs*


Part 4 — Aspirations

[HS] I’m shooting a new drama ow, hopefully this drama will be shown in Japan as well. I’ll work hard.

[HJ] I will try my very best to present my best in Playful Kiss. Hopefully in future I can meet with everyone with high-quality ALBUMS and dramas. Hope that there will be more BoF excursion events in future too…


Part 5 — Singing

First was Hyesun. She sung “Brown colored hair”.^^
Yeah~ Her thoughts on singing “I guess I was too occupied with drama and movie” (a very nice twist of words)
But to be honest, I guess it’s because this song was too hard to sing…?
On the screens showed her PV of the song too!

Then it was T-Max. They sung Paradise, 2 of BoF side-themes, then 2 of their new songs ^-^
They sung the most. Because SS isnt here?
Forgot which song they were singing that they came down to the audiences…
I sat at the most front, so they actually walked past my side
I dont recognize that he called nya? I came into contact with him…
But if I were to come into contact with Kim Jun it’ll be more satisfying… They danced too? Their singing was not bad.

Finally was HyunJoong. First was Thank you, then Please be nice to me, 2 songs.
Was I the only one who felt his voice was a little weird, or…??
His outfit looked like June’s manila event…??

==Report of the event==

Hyesun’s outfit is…personal wardrobe’s…? Her jeans and black jacket was seen quite a few times…
Korean fans were expecting her to dress a lil’ cuter… But her hairstyle now isn’t really compatible with skirt, I think so~

HyunJoong’s hairstyle was actually straight in the afternoon session, after wards was curled when he came out to sing!
Then for his night session…his hair was curled already, when he sung, he revealed his forehead? Like those regent hairstyle.

At first, all 4 of them went on stage together… “Eh, where’s Hyesun, didn’t come?”.
Well…because her hair was too short…….like a guy…
But her legs were much thinner than I expected… Very cute indeed…^^

HyunJoong’s case….much more handsome than I expected (^^)

Everyone’s face was soo small…so thin…I was quite taken aback.
Oh yeah!! T-Max’s leader has a smaller face than what I expected, too, in deed…on TV, you will look fatter… True-felt feelings now…

And!! Photography and video was allowed too!!!!!

Goods on sale included f4…as usual… nothing with Hyesun solely…
So no choice I bought a HyunJoong poster.

Very happy this time…I want to go again!!!

Credits: totoronim@hyesun chinese fansite + (original chi fr) soompi hyesun thread + (Eng translation) Ode@blog


I laughed when Leader talked about his most embarrassing moment. Forgetting that his parents moved to a new house and went to the old address because he was drunk, hahaha! So 4D. And I loved when he said high-quality ALBUMS. Being part of SS501 is definitely still a part of his aspirations. Can't wait for the 2nd full SS501 album!

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