Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday Kim Hyung Jun!

Dearest Baby Hyung Jun,

The baby is now a man... Kekeke. You're 24 years old and fast becoming a man, but you're forever still a baby in our hearts. I guess I will always see you as SS501's baby. The first time I saw you, I asked myself, how can anyone be so perfectly pretty? You really are the perfect definition of "Pretty Boy". All my friends that are non-Triple S seem to notice you first from the other members and they can't help but admire your pretty face. But you're definitely more than just a pretty face Baby Jun. If only they took the time to get to know you, they'd fall in love with you, without a doubt. Watching you in Progamer, that's where I really got to know you and that show made me love you even more! You are such an adorable, funny, loving person... a cutie pie, but you can also be irresistibly dashing and full of charisma when you switch to that different mode of yours. Cool and hot at the same time!

You've been through so much in your pursuit of your dream to become a singer and an idol. And now that you have reached your dreams, every time we see you, we feel so proud. You've really grown and matured, and you've become such a fine, young man. Whenever you give a message to us Triple S, you impress us with your sincerity and wisdom. Thank you for the laughter, the aegyos, the way you've endeared yourself to your fans. Seeing you with the other members... how you love and care for your hyungs, the way you've put up with their bullying because you know that's just their way of showing you how much they love you... all of this makes you an admirable dongsaeng. Yet another reason to love you! You're considered as the cry-baby of the group, but that just means you're not ashamed to show how you really feel. And that in itself, is endearing. Your personality, your carefree, fun-loving attitude, as well as your hardworking and even ambitious side, we love and accept that as part of Kim Hyung Jun.

You have a lot more ahead of you, and just like you said, until the end, you can expect us to walk with you and be with you and support you as you continue reaching for your dreams. You've secured a place in my heart Maknae, and you will always stay there forever. Keep that childlike attitude always, because it warms up the lives of millions of people around the world. Hope you'll have a wonderful birthday and a happy one. You deserve it. Take care of yourself always! Happy Birthday our dear Maknae! We LOVE YA!

From your fan, Triple S

Here's a little video I made to mark Baby Jun's day...

Video by: phtriples@YouTube

생일축하합니다 !!! 사랑해 ♥ ♥ ♥

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