Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Official Home Page: Soon To Open!

Wow! Finally, an official homepage for our Leader! And it's in both Korean and English, so it's a good thing for us International fans! Visit and bookmark this page: because I'm sure you'll be visiting it often. Here's a notice from KeyEast from the homepage. Their English is a bit rough, but you get the gist. ^_^

Hi it's KEYEAST.

A lot of fans cheered it KHJ and KEYEAST since a family was. we really thanks.
Also KHJ and a family are, and KEYEAST is very glad.

The current KEYEAST is producing an official homepage of KHJ.
we are trying to make a official homepage which can understand between KHJ and fans.

Before homepage Open official for fans wondering news of KHJ sending time busy by drama filming.
we open it through Teaser homepages first.

we will update about KHJ news on teaser homepage as speedy and correctly.
and official homepage will be open following teaser homepage as soon as possible.
please lots of expectation for official homepage.

we'd like to thank all those who have believed in and supported KHJ.
Your support will put him on his mettle.

we're very happy that KHJ has a great supporter like you.
many thanks and best wishes.

thank you



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