Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Arrives Safely In Singapore!

SGTripleS is soooo fast in sharing this video of Maknae arriving at Singapore airport! Thank you! I'll update when photos come out. I hear Baby is now in the hotel where he's staying at the time I'm posting this.
Credit: TripleS Singapore + clldunk10@YT

And here's another fancam...

Video Uploader: shasha17n@YouTube

And another one...

Video Uploader: SgTripleS@YouTube

And this one is longer and shows Baby walking outside. Thanks hl2412@Twitter!

Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

Some pictures...

Credits: devildenise + liezle@blog

Credit: hl2412@twitter

And just a few minutes ago, Maknae tweeted a couple of times!

Google Translation: Arrive in Singapore at night too ~ Nice, I received a warm and passionate welcome in the airport. I'm so happy ^ ^

And he also tweeted this, along with a pic, most probably his view from his hotel room.

Google Translation: Kudos, Singapore at night, good night

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