Friday, August 27, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Message: "Forever SS501. And Triple S"

2010-08-27 12:52:17PM

Hello~ It's been a long time, Green Peas!

The weather recently is hot isn't it, it is raining a lot and even so, it continues to be hot for a long time.

I am preparing for Kim HyungJun's Music High!!!!!!!!!!!! and various other broadcasts too.

I am also preparing for various showcase, Hoohaat

Now I am about to take a new leap with an even really more wonderful image.

To me, you will support right? Thank you always. Really

I will work harder, not forgetting the initial mind, with a position lower than my initial intention position

Learning and developing, I will be Kim HyungJun who will repay you with an even more wonderful image.

Really thank you very much. I love you. You know right? ^-^

Because all of us will work harder, please look forward to it

Forever SS501. and Triple S .

Credits : newsen + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Hmmm... I wonder why they could still write at DSP website. That just means they really don't have any trouble with their old agency. After all, we owe DSP for raising our beloved SS501. No confirmation yet from Maknae about his new agency, huh? Just mysterious words like, "Take a new leap", LOL. Anyhow, I love you Baby!!! Thank you for writing this message! It brings a smile to our hearts! FOREVER SS501 and Triple S!!!

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