Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun Showcase In Singapore

Aigoo, I was out the whole day, and although I wanted to be around to hear the live updates from Maknae's showcase this afternoon, I needed to be with my family. But thanks to our Singapore TS, we are still updated! Thanks so much @Yen4KHJ for providing us with live tweet updates! I'm shoving this from Liezle's blog, hope she doesn't mind. It's a rundown of Maknae's showcase this afternoon. Thanks again gals! Looks like everyone had a blast!

* The fan meet started a little over at 3:30.
* Maknae's first song is Girls, girls girls
* Then in interview he has said that he tried the pepper and chili crab. And finds sg hot
* First game with fans has started
* He's speaking in English a little bit
* There's one missing player so hyung Jin decided [host] he'd pick one. Then Maknae came down the stage
* But then organizers hand in the lucky draw bowl about
* Game is true or false. And all of them are getting it right
* He said "I'm so sleepy" [which Yen doesn't know why]
* Hyung Jun is helping with the answers in the games
* He second song he sang the men from mars song and came down from the back and walked down the aisle among the fans
* He said he likes the SG skyline at night and wants to live here someday.
* Next game started and the made him draw the girls on the stage. His comments are funny
* After drawing the face, he'd sign and write in the name of the fan. Then photo with arms on the shoulder
* His comments are damn funny. He said he shld charge for his drawings $10
* He actually draw for 5 girls
* Third game is the dibidibidip scissors paper stone
* Every girl gets a hug
* When he hugged two girls, he carried them
* Sgts gave him a bday cake and fans sang d bday song and a special gift
* He said he's so happy that tripleS came and that he's nervous coz he's alone and not w/ the other members
* His English is not bad and interaction with the fans is very good. Some comments are a bit patronizing but it made fans all happy
* A little over pass five the event is finished.

Here are a few pictures tweeted by @violettacal and @SGTripleS. Thanks girls!

And a few more pics from @hl2412. Thanks girl! More photos can be found in her album. Baby is so cute and hot!

Credit: LHL

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