Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng Back From The US!

Whoah! I didn't know Young Saeng and Kyu have gone to the US for a vacation! Wow, there weren't any news of them leaving Korea, right? None that I know of, anyway. Kekeke. I just saw Steven Lee's tweets in his Twitter and he was tweeting about having special guests from Korea. Last August 18, he tweeted this:

Then on August 20, he tweeted he was in LAX airport. So that must probably mean, he's fetching YS and Kyu at the airport, right? Then he tweeted this again today, around 8 hours ago. So that means, the boys were there for 5 days?

Were the boys really with Steven Lee? I guess that's what he means by his tweets. Anyway, we are sure that YS and Kyu went to US because here are a few fancams of them arriving today at Incheon Airport. They're looking good and refreshed, aren't they? This must be what YS was telling us about their long deserved vacation. But I wonder why no one has seen them leave Korea. I hope there are pictures at least. Stealthy much, boys? Kekeke. Glad you're back!

Video Uploader: yongyong113@YouTube

In the clip below, seems like Young Saeng was saying to the fans to use Photoshop well for the pictures, maybe because he has no make up. Hahaha! He's soooo cute! I love that smile and little wave. Aaaaah! We miss you Otter!

Video Uploader: kcrbTS@YouTube

And here are a few photos of them. These two are always together, huh? First, in Japan. Then in America. Good for them! :) I've always thought they were the closest. Kyu-Saeng fighting!

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