Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Kim Hyung Jun Interviews In Singapore From Razor TV

Okay, I was debating with myself whether to post these videos or not. Why? Primarily because I don't like what the reporter is saying about Hyung Jun leaving SS501, or calling him "ex-SS501 member" or "former SS501 member". It just annoys me that even after Hyung Jun said that SS501 is still together, they would still say this. I mean, as a news portal, they should be more careful in reporting accurate facts and not assumptions, which are absolutely unfounded. Where were they when Hyung Jun said (XIN MSN Interview) that SS501 is NOT disbanded?! Seriously! But aigoo, seeing Maknae's cuteness and adorable facial expressions, I finally gave in and posted these. Sigh, anyway, I hope my readers can look past the reporter's statements and believe in Hyung Jun himself. SS501 is still very much together!!!
Hyung Jun's 6 Different Expressions

He Makes Monkey Faces

Weirdest Netbuzz About Him
Video Uploader: poohlhl@YouTube

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