Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Young Saeng & Kyu Jong Return To Seoul

Kyu and Saengie are back in Seoul! I thought they were staying long in Japan since they had big luggages. Apparently, they only stayed there for 5 days, if my math is correct. They arrived in Seoul just last night, August 9. Heard they watched Kara's activity in one show in Japan. Don't know the details though. Anyway, these airport pics are soooo nice! Saengie looks so dashing! And he's sleeveless! Gosh! Kyu is looking good too! Aaah! They look refreshed, don't you think? ^_^ Sorry, I just had to blow up the 1st pic of Saengie. He just looks too cool not to. Kekeke. I love it! ♥♥♥

Credits: Amorino + + FIESTA + He Story + as tagged

Video Uploader: SaengFam@YouTube

And here's a couple more taken from Haneda airport, the boys were catching their flight back to Korea.

Credit: Best Friend

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