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[vid] Kim Hyun Joong at Mischievous Kiss

New Pic From Park Jung Min Official

SS501 Park Jung Min, To Visit Taiwan on 29th, Reveals Blueprint for Advancement into Asia

SS501 Park JungMin accelerates advancement into Asia.

Park JungMin will visit Taiwan for 3 days 2 night schedule starting on 29th. Continuing his overseas activities after his contract with Japan Yamaha group's Yamaha Music Entertainment on 16-Sep, the visit to Taiwan this time is part of his advancement into the Asia market.

Agency CNR Media revealed "The activities in Korea as well as Japan has been fixed to a certain extent. This official visit is to make specific plans for his activities in Asia including Taiwan, China, HongKong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. with Comic Ritz who is CNR Media's partner."

Park JungMin mentioned about his visit to Taiwan through his official Facebook page and is currently gaining high interests from fans and industry personnel. In addition for his Korean fans, his official homepage is scheduled to be opened in mid-October.

Kim Hyung Jun Debut Jadi MC

Maknae SS501, Kim Hyung Joon akan debut menjadi seorang MC pada acara baru di MBC, “Oh Bam Ah” (Kids of the Night). AcaRA ini, HJB akan bertemu dan berbincang dengan junior2nya yg juga idola yg berbeda2 tiap minggunya. Acara ini sendiri adalah program yg sudah direvisi dari versi lamanya yg jadi hit, yaitu MBC, “Live Together, Enjoy Together.” DImana idola dan artis senior akan berdiskusi, main kuis dan permainan lain bersama tamu2 juniornya. Dari sisi senior, HJB akan ditemani senior2 lain, yaitu Kim Chang Ryeol, Eun Ji Won, Kim Sung Soo, Hwangbo ,dll.

HJB berkata, “Aku sangat senang sekali karena bisa bertemu semua orang lewat acara resmi di teve.”

SS501 Tweets Translated (Sept. 26, 2010)

Jung Min posted more photos of him eating, in Facebook. Click below to see the translations courtesy of ode and xiaochu (read tweets from bottom up):

Baby tweeted Hwang Bo!

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SS501 - A Song Calling For You MV

Kim Hyun Joong Calendar 2011

Kim Hyun Joong
ss501 Kim Hyun Joong Calendar 2011
Scans from Leader's 2011 Calendar have been shared! Who has already bought one? These pics are really nicely shot! I'd love to have this pure eye-candy posted on my wall where I get to see it every day of every month...

SS501 Tweets Translated (Sept. 25, 2010)

Hyung Jun started out by tweeting at 1:27 am today saying he can't sleep. Hmm... insomnia baby? And at 11:34 am Kyu tweeted to tell us all to have a good weekend and that he and YS were able to play basketball yesterday like they planned. Awww, I wish they would tweet at least a couple of pics from their game...

And here's a series of tweets from Jung Min, all of which are pictures which he just posted on his Facebook. Here are the photos and the corresponding captions below them. Thank you Mal for updating us with pics! Love it!

Wow~!! We have now comfortably furnished our location
area with the mobile makeup kit already~!!^o^ Kyaal!!

The chair too~Wa~~~~Very comfortable~!!! Kya-a-a-a-ak

I went to eat Ssal-guk-syu today~!! Wanna eat together? Ma?

Even got myself with a green phone~!!!!

There were so many people today so I had to wait like this!!!

Got a seat!!! After getting in I took this one Self-ca~!

Since I'm an adult I could drink beer~!

Though I'm gulping down one mouthful of it....

Because I'm an idol so I had since became sensitive here and there...-_-+

Aigoo delicious!!!

All of it is mine mine mine mine mine mine~!!

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SS501 the korean most idolized band..

Double HJ @ Saitama Concert DVD

Omo, omo, omo! Double HJ bromance! LOL! Baby is so naughty and Leader's reaction when Hyung Jun tried to kiss him is hilarious! I don't know what they're saying but it seems like they're acting out a scene? Hmmm... the Saitama Concert DVD is now out, I hope YesAsia sells it with English subs soon! I will definitely buy!
Video Uploader: 0606ma@YouTube

*DISC 1*
about 70 mins

*DISC 2*
about 90 mins

Subtitles: Japanese

Comes with : Photobook (24 pages)

Special gift/goodies for purchase :
--Bromide 6P (Each member 1, Group shot 1)

Special gift/goodies for preorder :
--SS501 Original Poster

PRICE : 5,775 yen (tax inclusive)

RELEASE DATE : September 17, 2010

This DVD will include the fantastic concert that was held, talk events, as well as photo taking sessions with the fans. Also not forgetting MAKING FILMS, and MULTI-ANGLES of each member inclusive.

Sale on Brokore URL :::
Credit: ode@blog


Super Junior

SS501 - LOVE YA MV (720P) 繁中字幕

SS501 - Love Ya MV HD 720P

DBSK, SS501, SuJu, Big Bang and SHInee- best Korean boys groups

SS501 Boys Over Flowers Ost 花样男子 Mv =Lyrics+Translation

Dejavu | ss501

S501 members talk about their feelings getting #1.

SS501 won #1 on KBS Music Bank with their comeback title song ‘Love Ya’. And they wrote about their feelings winning #1 on their official homepage. Member JungMin wrote, “It is not because we are good that we won but its because Triples are great supporters. Because of that we are even more grateful. Even though I’m feeling very excited, I don’t know why my heart felt so heavy.”

HyungJoon wrote, “Really happy. This is the award made by 5 of us and the Triples. Let’s be like that for the days to come alright? Thank you.” KyuJong wrote, “Thanks to all of you, we got #1. Thank you. Recently, everyone has been busy studying up for the exams and cheering for the world cup. My conditions is not good today but I felt like all of it has disappeared. Really thankful.”

“The clock hung up in my room has the stationery given by my fans which wrote, ‘We will support you and be with you until you become our #1 and the world’s #1?. Whenever I see it, I feel like I need to work hard to pay back to everyone.”



Korea Released


  1. (Warning)
  2. Passion
  3. Never Again
  4. Take U High
  5. Everything
  6. Everything (Instrumental)

Snow Prince

  1. (3:21)
  2. My Girl (4:17)
  3. Snow Prince (3:24)
  4. In Your Smile (3:34)
  5. Fighter (3:33)

Deja Vu

  1. (Deja Vu) (3:32)
  2. (3:41)
  3. Destiny (3:12)

????, ????

  1. ????, ???? (Mars Men, Venus Women- Hyung Joon ft. MiSo)

U R Man (Remix Edition)

  1. U R Man (Remix)
  2. The One (Remix)

Lonely Girl

  1. Lonely Girl

Anycall Haptic Mission 2

  1. Play

We Can Fly

  1. We Can Fly


Volume 1 – S.T 01 Now

  1. Existence
  2. 4Chance
  3. Unlock
  4. Again
  5. Stand By Me
  6. Sky
  7. ???
  8. Man
  9. Hana
  10. Confession (????)
  11. Bye Bye
  12. Radio Star
  13. ??? ??
  14. ?? (Remix Ver.)
  15. Unlock (Heavy Edition Feat. ???) (Hidden Track)

A Surgeon Bong Dal Hee O.S.T. (SBS TV Series)

  1. ?? ?? ??
  2. ?? ? ?? ??

???? (KBS Animation)

  1. Fly Away
  2. Fly Away (Go Go Remix)

Mini Album – FIND

  1. ?? ???
  2. ?????
  3. FIND
  4. ??? (Thank You)(vocal ?? kim hyun joong)
  5. ?????-inst.
  6. FIND-inst.
  7. ???X5
  8. ???( thank you )-acoustic ver.

Mini Album – U R Man

  1. WANT IT
  2. U R Man
  3. The ONE
  4. ?????
  5. Never Let You Go
  6. I AM

Boys Over Flowers O.S.T. (KBS TV Series)

  1. (Because I’m Stupid)
  2. (Making A Lover)

Mini Album – Collection

  1. (Please, Be Nice to Me) [; Kim Hyun Joong Solo]
  2. (Memory Without a Name) [; Heo Young Saeng Solo]
  3. Wuss Up [???; Kim Kyu Jong Solo]
  4. ??? ?? (If You Can Not) [???; Park Jung Min Solo]
  5. Hey G [???; Kim Hyung Joon Solo]
  6. ???? ??? (I Won’t Be a Coward) [Previously released in U R Man (Japan Ver. Edition)]

?? – ???? ?? OST (Friend, Our Legend OST) [MBC TV Drama]

  1. ??? ??? (I Erase Tears) [???; Heo Young Saeng Solo]


  2. Love Like This (???)
  3. Just One Day
  4. Obsess (??…)
  5. Green Peas









ss501, triple s

The band SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501) is a South Korean boyband under management of Daesung Entertainment, also known as DSP Entertainment. There name stand’s for Superstar and unison of its 5 members until eternity (symbolized by the 0) as 1. SS501 debuted in 2005 with their first single “Warning”, with a second single “Snow Prince” released in late 2005. For most of 2006 the band was inactive in Korea for most but they did held have a fan meeting in Japan in April. The hiatus was due to Heo Young Saeng’s throat condition which required surgery, thus resulting in a need for time to fully recover. There first full album, which was released on November 10 which was called Volume 1 – S.T 01 Now. They promoted the album on various variety and music shows. In 2007 the band was debuted in the Japanese market, there Japanese single “Kokoro” came with multiple versions, including one with all members and five others featuring the members individually. The Single went to #5 on the Oricon chart. In 2008, SS501 returned to Korea with their single Deja Vu released on March 8, 2008.

SS501 Park Jung Min Aims To Be The ‘Person With The Best Body’

SS501 Park Jung Min wishes to be praised as ‘Person with the Best Body’

Belonging to the boy group which is currently resting, Park Jung Min who revealed last month that he has changed his Korean agency to , has also announced that his solo activities in Japan have officially started.

From Nov 18 onwards he will be performing at New National Theatre for the musical 『絆-少年よ大紙を抱け-』, at the same time, his Japanese official fanclub site [] has been set up. Additionally, on Dec 22 at NHK Osaka Hall and Dec 23 JCB Hall there will be a fanmeeting titled .

Mid-September Park Jung Min received an interview when he arrived in Japan, speaking fluent Japanese, he answered fully in Japanese and at the same time showed a good degree of determination and confidence for his new beginning.

-After switching agencies, is there any change in matters of the heart?

After signing on with the new agency, felt a little pressurised from having to adapt to a change from 5-men group activities to solo activities, but I still tell myself to [Keep fighting!]

-Decided to perform for a Japanese musical?

(Because had the experience of musical performance in Korea) So very familiar with the schedule of musicals. Initially when I was informed of this news, I was a little lost, but compared to Japanese activities, Japanese Shibai (i.e. plays), this has more singing opportunities, that is why I decided to participate. Have already been introduced to other performers, and also made friends with many people of my age, I believe this is a good production.

-Recently seem to be on a diet restriction

That is correct~ After watching our [Love Ya] comeback stage performance, I thought to myself [This cannot do], so started to restrict my diet intake. I want to allow myself to be praised at least once in this life [Your body shape is the best] (laugh).

-Would you be traveling privately in Japan?

Currently no. Previously whenever I come to Japan I will bring my family members along, and together we will go to various places to play. If there is a chance, I would like to make a private trip again. Recently haven’t been to Osaka, or places like Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, really wanted to go there. Previously, when we released our first single in Japan (SS501), we visited some places many times, now I’m starting to miss those places already. Wish to eat the delicacies in Osaka, and also Nagoya’s chicken wings, then travel to Sapporo to drink beer (laugh), I miss chicken wings the most.

-Japanese is quite fluent, are you still learning now?

Still diligently learning, first started out by learning from a book, but it gets a little boring (laugh), so now learning by watching television drama and variety shows. Recently I’m using television programmes as a means of revision.

-What type of dramas and TV shows?

Recently watching [Gift ](A TV drama aired on Fuji TV in 1997), re-watched the subtitles in parts several times, so even when I sleep at night, scenes will still appear in my mind, [what is the meaning of using this word in this scene] and I would try to use it. As for variety shows I watch <> which has Yousona, BoA etc as guests to talk something related to Korea, and I also watched performances with Koreans as special guests.

-Kinki Kids both use Kansai dialect right?

Yes, this is very interesting, learning dialect is also very fun. (Jung Min followed up by saying some dialects) [ええやん(very good)] [そうだべ (so this is the case)] [だべ (that’s right)] [ちゃうねん (that’s not true)] [まいど (really)] [まいう (delicious)]

-Do you have anything that interests you recently?

Looking for apartment (laugh). Recently preparing to move house, so if time permits, I will visit the furniture stores, my ideas will be injected into my new home design too

-What is fashionable to the Korean younger generation recently?

Mmm.. (thinking for a moment) I’m no longer considered as the younger generation (laugh), What do kids like to do these days… (laugh)

-Then, what do you usually do when you hang out with friends?

My friends…not long ago they have been enlisted into the army…(laugh). But when I meet up with friends, usually we chat over drinks (i.e. alcohol), but if for those who don’t drink, normally will go to cafes, just like how other normal guys do when they hang out, only difference now compared to the past is that our conversation topics has evolved to become adult topics (laugh)

-Jung Min can hold liquor well?

No, my liquor capacity is lousy, if I drink a little more, the next day would have hang over and be giddy! If drink within normal capacity, the next day I still wouldn’t be able to move, anyway just drink merrily, drinking to one heart’s content! (laugh) Also, my drunken look cannot be revealed to public.

-How do you feel about Japanese Sake?

Japanese Sake “very good very good” (laugh), since Japanese Sakae is fermented using rice, so it is sweet and delicious; also like Korean’s ones since it is from my hometown (laugh); Korean rice wine mixed with Cider (Cider in Korea means 7-UP / Sprite) taste not bad as well, can be recommended to the ladies. Additionally, I also like Champagne.

-When you are in Japan, how do you spend your free days?

Usually play alone (laugh). Of course, will also play with friends, but will meet somewhere close to my place (laugh), for instance [Meet at OO bus station, wait at OO bus station] things like this. If I’m alone, will go to the Ramen shop and Barbeque shop near the bus station. If together with friends, mostly eat steamboat, or will be at the nearby riverside to chat while admiring the scenery.

- Tell us more about your near future plans

Plan to release a solo single in Korea in November, then come to Japan for musical performance, next year wish to act in either a Taiwanese or Korean drama. For this year, up till the end, because there is a fan meeting in Japan, looks like I will spend time busily.

-Say something to your Japanese fans?

Hello my Japanese fans, I’m Park Jung Min. How are you? I’m doing well (laugh), please do not worry about me, I will do my best. Wish to meet everyone, so if there is any chance to meet up, please do come. I will continue to do my best, everyone please do your best for your work too. Please also give me your support, I look forward to meeting everyone. Lastly, please appreciate my solo single which will be released soon. I’m waiting for you to come and watch the musical!

Credits: WowKorea.JP + (English translation)

Aww, Jung Minnie... you are already the sexiest charisma ever for all TS. Fighting!

Hyun Joong Filming Lake Scene For Playful Kiss

Hyun Joong films a lake scene for Episode 9 of Playful Kiss... Leader looks sleepy in the video. LOL. I can't wait for next week for Episode 9! I'm really addicted to this drama!

Credit: Perfect

Behind The Scenes Of Kim Hyun Joong's The Face Shop CF

Here's a video clip from Section TV which features the making of Hyun Joong's new CF for The Face Shop. I hope there will be subs later, because by the looks of it, Leader is being his 4D self again. Kekeke.
Video Uploader: iMisschievous@YouTube

Article from allkpop...

You would think that with such a handsome face like Kim Hyun Joong’s, he couldn’t possibly have a complex about his appearance.

Yet on the 24th, this idol confessed during an interview on MBC Section TV, “I originally did not have a complex about how my shaven face looks. But since today’s technology is very HDTV-focused, I feel that people are finding out one by one secrets that I want to hide from the public.”

Furthermore, when the interviewer asked Kim Hyun Joong, “What parts do you feel are similar between you and your role as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss?“, the actor jokingly replied, “I think the part about his IQ being 200,” causing the interviewer to laugh.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is receiving attention for his role as “smart but hard-to-get-along-with prince” Baek Seung Jo. This is the idol’s second attempt as an actor after his appearance on ‘Boys over Flowers’.

Source: allkpop

3 Videos For Maknae Hyung Jun

A video clip from Hyung Jun's Channel U Interview in Singapore...
Video Uploader: OnlyJun87@YouTube

And an audio clip of his Oh Geul Song in Music High earlier... singing "I'm So Fortunate" (Dahaengida).

Video Uploader: 3kimheopark4Jangki@YouTube

And another video from Arirang Showbiz Extra showing Hyung Jun from the Invisible Movie VIP Premiere.

Video Uploader: 3kimheopark4Jangki@YouTube

Kim Hyun Joong @ Hallyu Wave October 2010 Issue Magazine Interview

He who was borne as the much well-loved leader of dance and vocal group SS501 in 2005 – Kim Hyunjoong.

Over here in Japan too, he has had surfaced with a major debut in 2007 and sung to aplenty songs and captivated the hearts of many. And now, he is challenging as an actor where he similarly receives much love from his fans.

Last year, he challenged acting for the first time in drama “Boys over Flowers” as the very affectionate Jihoo sunbae where this role had everyone calling him the National Sunbae, proving the high popularity he’s had garnered.

“To me, BoF was a work that allowed me to start developing interest in a new field as an actor. When I was acting it out, this thought always came onto mind, ‘What if I’m Jihoo, how will I react (to this, to that)?’. The more you truly go into studying the character, the more it will actually be reflected in your acting. In addition, with that kind of way, with that kind of attitude where I will want to go further to study a character, it actually really allowed me to discover an unknown side of mine in the sense ‘Oh, I have such a side too?’ that kind. So this has really helped me alot in acting too”.

He is now challenging a new drama ‘Playful Kiss’, in it he stars as an aloof teen with IQ 200, Baek Seung Jo. Despite so, he actually revealed that he originally did not have any thought to take on this role.

“Hahaha originally, I had already decided not to take on any high-school roles again after BoF. (laughs) This may be my biggest disadvantage, but to be honest, I’m one who will be very easily influenced by what others say… Like let’s say buying clothes. When I go to buy some clothes, they may not particularly attract me at first, but if I hear the salesperson or friends around me who say that it suits me, I will then eventually end up buying those clothes. Just like this time’s drama too, people in my agency kept saying, ‘Very good suggestion ne’, ‘If you were to take it on it’ll surely succeed’, etc….And so because of that I ended up accepting this drama already (laughs)”.

This popular role that is highly vyed for by many actors had eventually gone to Kim Hyunjoong, and with that, this truly looks like a Kim-HyunJoong-episode ne.

After deciding to take on this role, he will never look back but will instead try his best to perfect his role — that is him.

If so, how does he then put in efforts into portraying this role?

“First of all, Baek Seungjo is a genius with IQ 200 and higher, so I had to constantly remind myself that ‘I am a genius’ (laughs). Also, because this is yet another manga-adapted character, in order not to tarnish the original image, I try my best to stick as close as possible to the original character. I’m also trying my best to show the kind of charm that only Kim Hyunjoong can possess, even if it may be just one charm. Whatever it may be, I just keep telling myself ‘I am a genius’, which is why I could thus naturally turn into Seung-jo. Yeah, I think of it that way (laughs)”.

[Moving into new agency, a vastly different environment]

Whether it be Jihoo from Boys over Flowers or Seungjo from Playful Kiss, both are roles who initially does not care for anything at all yet eventually falling for a plain girl.
So what is his love exemplar like in reality?

“I’m the practical and strong-willed type. Will fall in love at first sight kind. If I like her, I won’t hide but will tell her instead. The girls I like is those cool type. One who could easily and relaxingly communicate with me, and who could also happily allow me to go drinking with my friends. That is my ideal type”.

Hyunjoong, one who is always so honest in every thing he answers.

Looking at the way he tranquiled manner he answers those questions, I then asked if there has been any difficulty or changes in the execution of work since he has now moved into Keyeast consisting Bae Yong-joon, after leaving his former agency.

“Obviously because I’ve changed to a new agency, my working environment has also changed too. Because of that, I will also feel it’s not so possible to further execute work with those who has previously worked together with me. But then again, if I don’t work harder than now, I will not have any better development in days to come, so I also make many preparations in each area. Only so could I possibly achieve what ever I want to do, that’s how I think”.

Bae Yong-joon who is in his new agency will come out to meet up with Hyun-joong at times, too. Amidst their conversations, Hyun-joong has learnt quite many things as well.

“Bae Yong-joon sunbae is very humane and realistic, and is also a superb person. Though we share talks together, we don’t really talk about any absolutely special topics, but instead some daily life stories. Just that alone I could already learn many ways on how to treat people and attitude on life. I also will want to spread our Korea culture to more and more people in the world, to let them know. Furthermore, sunbae’s self-management is also really thorough; he’s really amazing”.

Though he is such a Kim Hyun-joong, he does not milk down in his body training as well. During holidays, no matter how tired he is, he will definitely go to exercise, this is because he wants to maintain his body shape and fitness.

“No matter what I have on hand, I will go for exercising (laughs), and will also play soccer. Yesterday I had some free time, so I went to kick football with my dancers. Exercising may be really tiring, but in future when I reach 40 years old, my body can still maintain as it is, because exercising helps alot. That’s how I think of it”.

When we hear words like “wanting to show the maturity as a singer”, the concert held last year by SS501 in Japan Budoukan comes onto mind. In the Solo Corner area, that body which Kim Hyunjoong reveals…….. At that split moment when he tears apart his clothing, those shrieks coming from fans fill the entire concert hall…….

“I want to recommend exercising to my fans too. I had seen the documentary my fans made yesterday. In it wrote ‘ahjumma fan’ (middle-aged fans), in Japanese we call it ‘obasan fan’, after seeing, I didn’t really like it. Japanese ahjumma fans often write things like ‘I am apologetic you have such an ahjumma fan’, but I don’t agree with the way they see themselves. If only they could exercise regularly like normal girls do, and thinks of themselves as young ones, it’ll be really good (laughs)”.

“My gratitude towards fans has always been sitting itself deep down there in my heart. The love I get from my fans, I want to reciprocate them all. But not just by words, I want to also express it in my actions and in a concrete manner. I want to reciprocate them like that. Such a thought has always been in my mind”.

Who knows if he will also be presenting any special present to fans in his upcoming DVD photobook to be released end of October. After which, he will also be attending to a charity event “Message to Asia” with Bae Yong-joon at Tokyo Dome on December 14. After current drama ‘Playful Kiss’ ends, fans who have been anticipating his singer activities will also get their wish granted.

“Had sung for Playful Kiss’ OST, and is also doing preparations for my new album. I want to have enough time to go thoroughly prepare for an awesome album. To be honest I am also practising choreography for my new dance songs that will be inclusive in my new album. Though I am focusing mainly on drama for now, I still want to show everyone the side of a singer who has better matured, even if it may be just a little bit. So please, do anticipate much. Same for dancing, I will show even more hype in dancing”.

That one sentence he recalls whenever he is lonely – “So long as you go ahead to do it, you can”

He wants to give this piece of sentence to every friend out there who is in anguish.

Despite hitting the nail, he never does give up finding his road ahead — and that is Kim Hyun Joong.

Be it as an actor, or a singer, he seems to be slowly slowly, little by little, expanding his pavement ahead of him…

Credits: + (English translation) Ode Scans by:

Aigoo, Leader speaks about his ideal girl! Do you fit the description? Kekeke. My favorite is the highlighted paragraph in green. He really loves his fans, and he's so humble, he doesn't let all the fame get into his head. He's really a gem.