Monday, September 20, 2010

Chuseok Greetings From Park Jung Min

One of the most significant holidays in Korea is Chuseok (추석), the Korean equivalent to Thanksgiving. This year Chuseok falls on September 22nd. The day before and after Chuseok Day are included in the holiday meaning that this year the 3-day holiday will run from September 21 – 23. Since JM will not be home in Korea on these dates, he can't celebrate with his family. Awww... but he donned on a Hanbok, their traditional Korean dress, and greets everyone!

"Now I have started my solo activities, so hope that it will be a big hit."

Group SS501 member Park JungMin (23) made his wish looking at Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) full moon. Park Jung Min left SS501 agency DSP Entertainment and moved over to a new agency CNR last month. He will stand alone after 5 years since his debut as SS501 in 2005.

Announcing his solo activities, Park JungMin had to spend his Chuseok holidays in other countries. He left on 16-Sep for promotional activities in Japan and will return on 22-Sep. During Park JungMin's stay in Japan, he had to go on a busy schedule, i.e held a press conference announcing the signing of contract with Yamaha Group's Yamaha Music Entertainment company, photo shooting and meeting with related personnel.

"Till date, I've spent most of my Chuseok festival overseas while having activities as SS501, it is the same for this year too. It's a pity because I wanted to spend it (ChuSeok) together with my parents."

Chuseok is a time where the whole family gets together, Park JungMin has no interesting holiday stories to tell since he spent most of his Chuseok overseas. However, luckily this year he had a small taste of Chuseok before he departed to Japan. He said his new family (staff) in his agency prepared SongPyeon (traditional rice cake eaten during Chuseok) beforehand and it made some holiday mood being felt.

"Thank you for always watching over and loving me. Now I will take my first step and hope for many support from you. I hope that everyone's wish will come true if you prayed hard to the full moon." Park JungMin said his Chuseok greetings to the readers of MyDaily SPN.

After spending Chuseok, Park JungMin will get into promotional activities in Greater China regions by this month end at the earliest, meeting his fans in China & Taiwan. Thereafter, he will release a solo album in Korea in November, and start his activities as a singer. He is also thinking of holding a fanmeeting at the same time when he releases his album, so that he can have a place to communicate with his fans.

"Not only in Korea but also after debuting in overseas, I think I will work even harder than any time I've had. My ambition is to show fans an even more progressed image of Park JungMin."

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