Monday, September 6, 2010

Fan Essay: What Do I Think Of SS501?

I read this really nice essay about SS501 from Quainte, and I agree with everything she said, so I thought I'd share it here. The essay is really long, so I'm only posting a few highlights here. If you want to read the full essay, you can head on over to Quainte to read it. It's worth it! Thanks greenapple05!
  • SS501, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated idol group.
  • I hate the fact that they are being compared to other artists in a very insulting and inferior way when I think otherwise. I think that out of all the idol groups today, SS501, in my opinion, is the most genuine.
  • I always wonder how SS501 could pull off anything without being concerned on their IDOL image. They'll go for anything that were settled for them but they don't come off as cocky.
  • I love SS501 because they are versatile. In all the idol groups I've watched and seen, SS501 is the only group that could pull off anything that is thrown to them.
  • I love SS501 not just because of their appearances but because of their depth and personalities. I've researched alot about them and read millions of fan accounts from their events. Each of them never fails to amazed me.
  • They didn't gain this type of respect just because of their achievement in their fields but because no matter how far they have gone, they're still down to earth and humble towards anyone. The success they gained didn't get into them. They didn't change.
  • From the people who have known SS501, they are the most warm and friendly people they've met.
  • I love the respect, concern and love they have towards each other and their fans.
  • People may see leader as someone who's wacky, funny and 4D but to the members, he's alot more. Not only the members see this side of leader but the staff too. The members respect leader because they see him as someone who is worthy to follow.
  • Leader would always take care of his members and will always think of them. During his shooting of BOF, he was filmed carving their group name, SS501, on an ice statue in the set showing how much he miss his members.
  • A PD in one of the show said that SS501 would always lean on each other and are always TOGETHER. They don't wait for others to do stuff for them but they take the initiative and serve themselves. He also said that it was the first time for him to see an IDOL GROUP to have such a strong bond that is very visible to anyone who are fortunate to see them.
  • A fan account also said that Leader have kyu jong's picture in his passport during BOF shooting in case he miss kyu jong when he's away from them.
  • Young Saeng, during their pre-debut days would always buy kyu jong food because he knows that kyu jong does not have the ability to.
  • Why people can't see all these great things about them? And worse, people think they're inferior and didn't accomplish much. Are they not worthy because they don't use autotune? Do they not get the attention they deserve because they don't have the same amount of scandals like other groups?
  • I hate the fact that their success are often shadowed by someone's scandal. Just because they're not active in a scandalous way doesn't mean they're not worth it. It's a music industry, you're suppose to make music, not news.
  • Yes, it is just a name but that name is what brought them together and that bond formed by the five of them goes farther than what the eyes can see. Brotherhood and friendship is unseen by the eyes but felt by the heart.
  • They're going back! they might be gone for a year or so for their solo activities but they'll be back together on stage!
Read full account here:
Written by: greenapple05@Quainte501

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