Friday, September 10, 2010

Hyung Jun & Young Saeng Twitter Exchange

I was just sleepily going through my timeline in Twitter when all of a sudden, Hyung Jun tweeted! So I opened Google translator, and I see a Double S somewhere in there. That jolted me awake. Hahaha. Thankfully, xiaochu did the translation... Mansae could also mean hurray!/cheers/long live!

Just last night, the two boys YS and Hyung Jun began following each other on Twitter... And then later, Baby and YS began following Jung Min. JM isn't following anyone yet. I didn't expect YS to reply to Hyung Jun's tweet so I actually screamed when I saw YS tweet a reply to Baby.

And just when I thought Baby didn't know how to reply to tweets, he proved me wrong by not only tweeting a reply to his hyung, but also teasing Jung Minnie. Hahaha! Maknae is soooo funny!

And this is the rest of the exchange that took place before the day ended... these guys are so cute and funny!

*I think he's trying to say "It should be You (cos Hyungjun called him a pig)"
X X - maybe he's cursing?! kekee.

Here's another translation from SuperstarSubs... including JM's tweet that his Facebook page is gone! Plus Steven Lee's tweet, and more teasing from the mischievous Maknae. Hahaha!

Translated by: superstarsubs@Twitter

I just hope that Jung Min sees this and gives back a retort. Hahaha! Too bad he's always tweeting through Facebook, so slim chance he'll see this teasing from Maknae. LOL. Sigh, this simple exchange from the boys made my day! :) I hope they talk to each other in Twitter more often! They are really hilarious! This is the side of them that we don't get to see nowadays! Their playful exchanges and dorkiness!

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