Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun & Heo Young Saeng (Saeng-Jun) Twitter Interactions

Okay, since our 3 boys (YS, Baby, JM) are starting to be really active on Twitter, it's space consuming and confusing to write a new post every time they tweet. So I will be creating this post instead for HyungJun-YoungSaeng Twitter Interactions. That way, we can follow their conversations smoothly. I also won't be upping this post every time there's a new update, I will just be announcing it on Twitter (so you might want to follow me there) and you can also bookmark this post so that every time you see them tweet, you can come back here to see if the translation is already up. That would be so much easier. Of course, let me thank our translators (Ode, Xiaochu, Superstarsubs) for their fast trans! You guys rock! I'm so glad that our boys are active in Twitter now! I really miss their dorky and fun interactions with each other. Twitter has never been this fun! Also see Tom&Jerry Tweets and Min-Saeng Tweets.

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