Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun's Official Korean Website Now Open!

Kim Hyung Jun's Korean Official Website is now open! Wow! Let's recap. Three of them (Leader, JM and Baby) now have Japanese websites, two of them (Baby and Leader) now have Korean websites, JM has his Facebook page and Online Mall, Baby has HnB company website with his brother KiBum, and four of them have Twitter accounts except Leader! They are all over the web now, isn't that great?! There's always a good side to everything. Now we're just waiting for Kyu and YS to announce which agency they will be signing up with. At this rate, my sidebar will be full of buttons linking to their various websites! Keke. Not that I'm complaining. Before, in DSP, we barely hear news and updates from our boys, now suddenly we have a lot of sources that we can get info and updates from. Amazing!

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