Monday, September 6, 2010

Park Jung Min To Participate In Another Musical

Korean Popular Group SS501 member Park Jung Min (23 years old), will participate in a musical '絆-少年よ大紙を抱け', which will be held on 18 - 23 November in Tokyo New National Theatre.

In future he will officially start his solo activities in Japan.

When SS501 first debut in Japan, Park Jung Min had started to learn Japanese. All 5 of them had been living in Japan for a long period, they had no problem in daily conversation. "The opportunity of mastering Japanese was during the period when living nearby a izakaya shop in Tamachi JR. When can't fall asleep at night, he stroll past this Izakaya shop and tried to chat with the shop owner in Japanese. It was better than learning from book." He smiled and answered.

However, this will be the first time he is going to perform in Japanese, "Actually will still feel very nervous. Wanted to go through even more preparation, hoping to act in them musical with the youth. During the period when participating in the musical in Korea, all of us has became good friends. Hope that it will be similar when in Japan also."

In June, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong (25 years old) signed his contract with a new company. In August, Park Jung Min also signed his contract with a new company. Although they have no group activity currently, but "5 of us are still friends, will still consider to hold concert and release album. Although we are performing solo activities now, but have confident that 5 of us will appear together again." With this he denied the rumours of their disband. His new company is a joint venture between Korea and Taiwan. In future will have activities in Japan, Korea and the big chinese circle. Currently has began to study chinese. His goal is to be the No.1 'Most cuddable Male Artist' in Korea, Japan and China. But currently is also oh! (Smile)

In Japan, hope to expand his dream "to release album in Japan, also to act in movie and drama." Being able to understand Japan culture, also need to understand all types of Joke, in order to be active in Japan.

Credits: + (Chinese translation) DY @ + (English translation)

I wish Jung Min all the best in his career! You can check out the rest of the musical's cast, HERE.

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