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SS501 Park Jung Min Aims To Be The ‘Person With The Best Body’

SS501 Park Jung Min wishes to be praised as ‘Person with the Best Body’

Belonging to the boy group which is currently resting, Park Jung Min who revealed last month that he has changed his Korean agency to , has also announced that his solo activities in Japan have officially started.

From Nov 18 onwards he will be performing at New National Theatre for the musical 『絆-少年よ大紙を抱け-』, at the same time, his Japanese official fanclub site [] has been set up. Additionally, on Dec 22 at NHK Osaka Hall and Dec 23 JCB Hall there will be a fanmeeting titled .

Mid-September Park Jung Min received an interview when he arrived in Japan, speaking fluent Japanese, he answered fully in Japanese and at the same time showed a good degree of determination and confidence for his new beginning.

-After switching agencies, is there any change in matters of the heart?

After signing on with the new agency, felt a little pressurised from having to adapt to a change from 5-men group activities to solo activities, but I still tell myself to [Keep fighting!]

-Decided to perform for a Japanese musical?

(Because had the experience of musical performance in Korea) So very familiar with the schedule of musicals. Initially when I was informed of this news, I was a little lost, but compared to Japanese activities, Japanese Shibai (i.e. plays), this has more singing opportunities, that is why I decided to participate. Have already been introduced to other performers, and also made friends with many people of my age, I believe this is a good production.

-Recently seem to be on a diet restriction

That is correct~ After watching our [Love Ya] comeback stage performance, I thought to myself [This cannot do], so started to restrict my diet intake. I want to allow myself to be praised at least once in this life [Your body shape is the best] (laugh).

-Would you be traveling privately in Japan?

Currently no. Previously whenever I come to Japan I will bring my family members along, and together we will go to various places to play. If there is a chance, I would like to make a private trip again. Recently haven’t been to Osaka, or places like Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, really wanted to go there. Previously, when we released our first single in Japan (SS501), we visited some places many times, now I’m starting to miss those places already. Wish to eat the delicacies in Osaka, and also Nagoya’s chicken wings, then travel to Sapporo to drink beer (laugh), I miss chicken wings the most.

-Japanese is quite fluent, are you still learning now?

Still diligently learning, first started out by learning from a book, but it gets a little boring (laugh), so now learning by watching television drama and variety shows. Recently I’m using television programmes as a means of revision.

-What type of dramas and TV shows?

Recently watching [Gift ](A TV drama aired on Fuji TV in 1997), re-watched the subtitles in parts several times, so even when I sleep at night, scenes will still appear in my mind, [what is the meaning of using this word in this scene] and I would try to use it. As for variety shows I watch <> which has Yousona, BoA etc as guests to talk something related to Korea, and I also watched performances with Koreans as special guests.

-Kinki Kids both use Kansai dialect right?

Yes, this is very interesting, learning dialect is also very fun. (Jung Min followed up by saying some dialects) [ええやん(very good)] [そうだべ (so this is the case)] [だべ (that’s right)] [ちゃうねん (that’s not true)] [まいど (really)] [まいう (delicious)]

-Do you have anything that interests you recently?

Looking for apartment (laugh). Recently preparing to move house, so if time permits, I will visit the furniture stores, my ideas will be injected into my new home design too

-What is fashionable to the Korean younger generation recently?

Mmm.. (thinking for a moment) I’m no longer considered as the younger generation (laugh), What do kids like to do these days… (laugh)

-Then, what do you usually do when you hang out with friends?

My friends…not long ago they have been enlisted into the army…(laugh). But when I meet up with friends, usually we chat over drinks (i.e. alcohol), but if for those who don’t drink, normally will go to cafes, just like how other normal guys do when they hang out, only difference now compared to the past is that our conversation topics has evolved to become adult topics (laugh)

-Jung Min can hold liquor well?

No, my liquor capacity is lousy, if I drink a little more, the next day would have hang over and be giddy! If drink within normal capacity, the next day I still wouldn’t be able to move, anyway just drink merrily, drinking to one heart’s content! (laugh) Also, my drunken look cannot be revealed to public.

-How do you feel about Japanese Sake?

Japanese Sake “very good very good” (laugh), since Japanese Sakae is fermented using rice, so it is sweet and delicious; also like Korean’s ones since it is from my hometown (laugh); Korean rice wine mixed with Cider (Cider in Korea means 7-UP / Sprite) taste not bad as well, can be recommended to the ladies. Additionally, I also like Champagne.

-When you are in Japan, how do you spend your free days?

Usually play alone (laugh). Of course, will also play with friends, but will meet somewhere close to my place (laugh), for instance [Meet at OO bus station, wait at OO bus station] things like this. If I’m alone, will go to the Ramen shop and Barbeque shop near the bus station. If together with friends, mostly eat steamboat, or will be at the nearby riverside to chat while admiring the scenery.

- Tell us more about your near future plans

Plan to release a solo single in Korea in November, then come to Japan for musical performance, next year wish to act in either a Taiwanese or Korean drama. For this year, up till the end, because there is a fan meeting in Japan, looks like I will spend time busily.

-Say something to your Japanese fans?

Hello my Japanese fans, I’m Park Jung Min. How are you? I’m doing well (laugh), please do not worry about me, I will do my best. Wish to meet everyone, so if there is any chance to meet up, please do come. I will continue to do my best, everyone please do your best for your work too. Please also give me your support, I look forward to meeting everyone. Lastly, please appreciate my solo single which will be released soon. I’m waiting for you to come and watch the musical!

Credits: WowKorea.JP + (English translation)

Aww, Jung Minnie... you are already the sexiest charisma ever for all TS. Fighting!

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