Friday, September 10, 2010

Successful Trending of #weloveyouSS501 on Twitter!

It's been such a fun day! Triple S had a field day in Twitter today! First of all, Hyung Jun starts the whole thing by randomly tweeting about SS501, then Saengie replied which led to a series of cute and uber funny tweet exchanges from the two. Then Jung Min tweets that his Facebook is gone! Omo! And then Maknae starts teasing his Hyungs. Hahaha! Click here for the full translation.

Then @Quainte501 tweeted "let's trend #weloveyouSS501 now!" and a LOT of people jumped right in and joined in the Trending! Even @AnthonyEusebio (dad of Xander from UKISS) and @seanalexander23 (co-producer/co-writer of SS501's Love Like This) helped! The result? It was successful of course! We were on the No. 1 spot for more than 7 hours! This was an unplanned Trending session, just a spur of the moment thing, but it achieved great results! Thank you to everyone who helped! We've shown once again how powerful TS can be when we unite as ONE! I just hope our boys in Twitter, @HyungJun87 @JungMin0403 @mystyle1103 also get to see this...

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