Sunday, September 19, 2010

Take A Peek At Hyung Jun's Kissing Scene In Black City Mini Drama

Omo, omo, omo!!! If you haven't seen this MV from Black City OST yet, you gotta brace yourself, because you'll see our Maknae Hyung Jun having his first on-screen drama kiss (see mark 2:40)! Okay, so when I saw Leader kiss Jan Di in BOF, that was not so shocking, since I only discovered Leader from there and I wasn't that hooked yet. When I saw Jung Min kiss in GREASE musical, it didn't surprise me too. But when Kyu kissed in SETI, that was really shocking for me. Sweet, innocent Kyu, having his first on-screen kiss! After a while, I got over the shock. As for Maknae, we've seen him "kiss" Mellow in his performance of HEY G in Persona Concert, but a lot of people say that it's just a fake kiss. But in his mini-drama, Black City, he really kissed the female lead! Gosh! I'm sure this kissing scene drew out a few screams from Hyung Jun fans. Am I right? What do you think, is Baby a good kisser? Was he able to give his hyungs a run for their money? Can't wait for Black City to air to see more! Hmmm... now only Saengie hasn't had an onscreen kiss yet...
Video Uploader: seulgiyunhodestiny@YouTube

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