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Playful Kiss Behind The Scenes (Bed & Kiss Scenes)

My son!~
During the process of making such a difficult decision, you must have been so confused, troubled and pained?
Have to take into consideration of so many people, yet you, who choose good sense in the end.
Countless battles with yourself alone, as well as the decision you made on your own, I understand how tired you have been.
The lures of the glorious, looking good, fame and money……
Together with your close friendship with Kyu Jong who has yet to sign a contract, you two did not choose money, instead you both have chosen good sense…. (I want) to give my son who has grown into an adult an applause of respect for this decision.
Right now you are no longer a child, you are as adult as I am (When Dad was at son’s age, I was already my son’s dad!~keke)

Hyeong Jin called my son as “ahjussi”? ke
That’s right! ~~ My son has always been full of deep thoughts like an adult, always worrying and taking care of father and mother.
Possessing depth and a chubby face like a little prince, yet deep inside the heart he has always been an “ahjussi”! ~~ke
Actually, so do I, when my son is nagging at me, I’ll think about how “he is more of an ahjussi than I am”.

My son!~
This father who is incompetent in many ways is unable to give you a helping hand, will instead applaud your choice,
my son who always remembers the Triple S, I believe God’s blessings will always be with you.

Also, to my beloved Triple S & lovely everyone …….
You have walked to this point without much hesitation
One day, opening the mail box full of letters from the fans
reading it one by one again
crying, and smiling
Triple S & everyone who really brought both tears and smiles……
Because of that passion and love,
we are able to enjoy these lovely memories now.
We are still waiting,
waiting with passion and love.

Using the heart that will never change
With a grateful heart, and not forgetting those love and passion
From debut days, the female schoolgirl fans we saw in the train
seems to be here still……
Now that I signed up for Cyworld,
Triple S who are here with me to support my son and SS501
as well as chatting with me, smiling

Seems like the falling leaves in autumn
In order to let the heart go cold, yet still reminising those past during this autumn
Bringing all the reminiscence and memories,
searching for the warmth in winter
Please be happy! ~
Also, do not forget! ~~
Don’t be too far way! ~~
We cannot forget each other! ~~ ke
Let’s meet up often! ~~
Be careful of catching flu, fighting! ~ ^^

Park Jung Min Japan Official Fanclub Notices

[Korea! Pop star file broadcasting detail]

For each artist to release the interview, "Korea! Pop star file" will introduce Park Jung Min!!
The content of the the interview includes the releasing of CD and musical 絆ー少年よ大紙を抱け ticket plan!

CS will be releasing TWO "Korea! Pop star file"
Broadcast date: 9th Nov 2010 (Tue) First broadcast (Will have a re-run)
Broadcast time: 20:03~
※ Broadcasts may be subjected to changes.

For more info please go to ↓↓


[Park Jung Min 1st Fan-meeting Detail]

The fanclub will be having a 2nd application for '2010 Christmas Special Park Jung Min 1st Japan Fan-meeting'. For those people who did not manage to get a ticket, do not miss this chance to apply for it.

【2nd application period】
11 Nov 2010 (Mon) 12:00 ~ 5th Nov (Fri) 23:59 end
※ Method for the fanclub 2nd application
27th Oct (Wed) 15:00 members can directly pay the fee.
If you are not a member, we wish that you can quickly join.

【Performance summary】

◆ Osaka performance

[Date] 22nd Dec 2010 (Wed)
[Venue] Osaka NHK Hall
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round: 13:00 (OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round: 17:30 (OPEN) / 18:30 (START)

◆ Tokyo Performance
[Date] 23rd Dec 2010 (Thur)
[Venue] JCB HALL
※ Please do not contact the venue directly
● 1st round:13:00(OPEN) / 14:00 (START)
● 2nd round:18:00 (OPEN) / 19:00 (START)
○ Contact:0570-064-708

◆ Ticket pricing
¥8,800(All seat/Tax included)
※ Ticket is needed for 3 years old and above
※ For every application, there will be 600 円 of shipping fee (Tax included)
※ The payment fee will be charged separately.

Please wait for the payment time to start if you are using internet payment.

“Playful Kiss” Cast Members Bid Their Goodbyes To The Drama

With MBC’s “Playful Kiss” coming to an end on October 21st, the cast members came together to reveal their feelings on the drama and bid their farewells.

Jung So Min confessed, “My feelings became a lot calmer as I began filming the last wedding scene and my character eventually got married to Seung Jo. But with the past three months of filming coming to an end, I’m left feeling both refreshed and disappointed at the same time. I’d like to thank the staff and cast members.”

Kim Hyun Joong continued, “We began filming during the heat of the summer and now it’s already cold winter. I had a lot of fun with few regrets, but there’s still a special version left so I will be sure to show everyone a good image until the very end.”

“Playful Kiss” will be revealing a special edition of the drama starting November 2nd through their Youtube channel.

Lee Tae Sung, who played the role of Bong Jun Gu, reflected, “It feels like only yesterday that I was rehearsing my lines for the first episode. Today is already the last broadcast of our 16th episode. ‘Playful Kiss’ has finally been completed in my memories. Please don’t forget the drama and Bong Gu.”

Lee Si Young, who played the role of ‘perfect girl’ Yoon Hye Ra, concluded, “As with everything that must come to an end, I feel disappointed that the drama is already over when it feels like it’s just started to me. I will make sure to properly conclude the relationship of Kyung Su and Hye Ra in the remaining time.”

Kim Hyun Joong Performances @ Goodbye Baek Seung Jo Event

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, those fans that were able to watch the last episode of Playful Kiss with the man himself, Kim Hyun Joong... are so lucky! They got to see these 3 performances live! Check them out! Thanks to HSSCANDAL for capturing these fancams.

Goodbye Baek Seung Jo!

Hello Kim Hyun Joong!

Kim Hyun Joong @ Goodbye Baek Seung Jo Event

Here are some pics from the final showing event of Playful Kiss. Leader looks really good and his smile is so bright! It's sad to say goodbye to the drama that we've grown to love, but it's all good. To all the cast, thank you! We love you Baek Seung Jo! Thank you for the excitement, anticipation, tears, bouts of hyperventilation, laughter and giddiness that you made us feel from watching Playful Kiss. We really enjoyed the drama, and your portrayal of cold, genius Seung Jo. No matter what other people say, you did a great job, and you've made us, your fans, happy! Playful Kiss DAEBAK!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun's message at JP site

Kim Hyung Jun's message at JP site

Hello. I am Kim HyungJun.

Firstly, I am really happy to greet everyone through this wonderful Japan official homepage.
Everyone had only happy things happening right?~ That's because I prayed. For everyone to have only good things happening.

Now I can communicate with fans in Japan through this place. I will also update about myself frequently.

Recently, I have been really busy with the rehearsal for musical 'Cafe-In'.
I am also DJ-ing for 'Kim HyungJun's Music High'.
MC too.. Spending my days with tightly filled schedules.

Seems like very soon, I will be seeing everyone through the musical play.
Please give me your generous love and also unsparing interest.
Mina-san~ Aishitemasu~ Iiyoumemidaekudasai ^^ Janae
(Everyone~ I love you~ Have a sweet dream^^ Bye)

Credits : + Baidu SS501 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Park Jung Min - Young Photo

So Cute..

Park Jung Min
Park Jung Min
Park Jung Min
Park Jung Min
Park Jung Min

Watch Final Episode Of Playful Kiss With Kim Hyun Joong

Omo, it feels like only yesterday that we started watching Playful Kiss, and now it's going to end real soon! Just a few more episodes to go! I feel sad. I am enjoying the drama so much, I wish it will go on longer! But the good thing is that our very own Leader who plays handsome lead Baek Seung Jo, plans to watch the final screening with the fans! Isn't that great?! And what's more, the proceeds will go to charity! It's so like our Leader, always compassionate. Awww, I wish I can go. Will you guys apply? Here's the message from KeyEast lifted from Hyun Joong's website regarding the details:

hello. This is KEYEAST.
An autumn breeze blows softly, we feel this year is drawing to close.
All the fans who cherish KIM HYUN-JOONG, please be careful not to catch a cold and have a happy season.
The final episode of Playful KISS-KIM HYUN-JOONG‘s second drama- is coming.
Thank you for your continuous interest and support. It gives KIM HYUN-JOONG and all members of the cast and staff a big help. The mood of the set was great and cordial.
So as the reward, we make the day for you to watch the final episode of with KIM HYUN-JOONG.
Specially, this event was first planned by KIM HYUN-JOONG who is now the new member of KEYEAST. It will be the most precious memory for all of you.
Entry fee is 10,000 won and all the money will be donated to charity. Those who want to participate, please make applications following the directions below. Participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis. We will notice detail informations to participants personally by e-mail.

Program of the event:
Title : Event for the final show of Playful KISS with fans
Time : 21, October, 2010 21:00-23:00
Place : Dom art hall (Neung dong, Gwang jin gu, Seoul. the seats are decided by lot)

Deadline for applications:
7, October, 2010 - 9, October 2010

How to apply:
Fill the application form and email to the address :
this ticket admits one person only.

Application form (from abroad):
(1) Name of the applicant:
(2) HYUN-JOONG.COM official homepage ID:
(3) Nationality:
(4) Passport number:
(5) Phone number (including the number where we can reach):
(6) E-mail address:

* This ticket admits one person only. Participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis.
* The number of the people is limited for the safety.
* Photo shoot or filming is forbidden.
* If you apply for commercial use or if you apply with wrong information, applications will be canceled.
* Please ask for more information to this address :

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Park Jung Min's Upcoming Schedule

Angie Chai expresses, “Park Jungmin is currently preparing for his album recording work, and we’re still in the planning stage for his official drama production. We’ll be holding discussions with Park Jungmin until end of this year and is thinking of finding a specially tailored role for him. Naughty, humorous and also much well-loved kind of character that just fits his characteristics. For now, both the male and female lead fancies each other, and the male lead often bullies the female lead, yeah we’re thinking of that kind of style for him”.

Park Jungmin’s agency CNR Media Na Kwang-hoon representative expresses, “We’re in midst of preparing for a Korean drama for him slated to be released next half of the year. We’ve signed on with 5 writers, and is considering between the remake of Angie Chai’s work from 4 years ago — Corner of Love (originally starring Show Luo, Barbie Hsu), and MBC drama ‘Phoenix’ ‘s Lee Yoo-jin writer’s new work”.

Park Jungmin states, “I’m currently concentrating on Mandarin studying, acting classes, vocal classes, as well as Japanese language studying. Though I still have many insufficiency, I’ll work hard. Since Taiwan’s conservative restriction is less wide, if there’s a need I will rip it all off for bed scenes or exposure scenes. Because I’m alone now it feels kinda burdened, but I’ll work hard just like the Park Jungmin who has always been fun and cheerful”.

He is preparing for his Korean mini-album to be released in November, as well as a Korea fanmeeting.

After that, he will release a Mandarin album, and expects to hold fanmeeting tours in chinese-speaking countries beginning December onwards.

In addition, he is been casted as the male protagonist for an upcoming (Taiwan) drama slated for release in the upper half of 2011.Park Jung Min

Kim Hyung Jun Participates In Recording of School Song for ‘Yona School’

Kim HyungKim Hyung
Kim Hyung

Friends of (departed) Park YongHa gathered together again.

(Departed) Park YongHa’s friends celebrated the opening of Yona School and recorded the school song on 29-Sep in a recording studio in ChungDam-dong. Kim HyungJun (SS501), Eru, Lyn, Park HyoShin, Lee JaeJin (FT Island), Song SeungHyun, Park SiYeon, JaeRimLee, participated in the recording of the school song. Composer Hwang SaeJun whom (departed) Park YongHa has worked together for his Japanese album, took charge of the composing and production process.

The singers who took part in the recording said “Remembering how much love he has for Africa Child’s Yona School, we put our congratulatory and our yearning for him in the song. Congratulations for having a new school for the children living in poverty areas.”

Some Pict

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members

SS501 Park Jung Min

SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again.

On the 30th, he officially announces his contract with Sony Music Taiwan.

During an interview with a Korea media, he said that Korean wave is very competitive in Asian market. Because he wanted to perform well in the Chinese market, so he choose to sign contract with CNR Media after considering for a very long time.

While doing his solo activities, in addition he also said the activities for SS501 ‘SS501′s activities is one of the condition in the contract, i will not make concessions to SS501′s activities.’ The presence of SS501 affirmation for the future is conducted.
Park Jung Min said that ‘The planning for activities with SS501 is not yet confirm but if we can get together for one activity each year will be the best. He emphasized that ‘All my experiences now are brought by SS501.’

He was also indecisive of his solo activities. He said ‘Group activity and solo activity is equally important. Making a last decision like this is hard.’ He felt a little scare when doing solo activities compared to group activities but he will be prepared. He looks thinner now compared to the time where SS501 did activities together.

‘I felt lonelier this time coming to Taiwan compared to the time where 5 of us came together. But i will change the sense of burden to working seriously.’ So recently, he started to learn Japanese again.

With regards to the possibility of SS501 getting together, he expressed that ‘Of course it is possible, the way is to choose a period of time in a year to schedule a series of activities.’

He expressed his gratitude with regards of him debuting in a Chinese market, ‘I will massage after waking up in the morning. After that i will be like a student and go to exercise and study. Everyday, i will be learning Chinese, acting and vocal training. I felt that i have returned to 5-6 years ago when i first debuted.’

The activities in the Chinese industry will be announced in the Fanmeeting during December. It is scheduled that in the next half of the year, he will act in a drama. He will also released a mini album in Korea in November.

Playful Kiss NG's + Episode 10 Screencaps