Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun's message at JP site

Kim Hyung Jun's message at JP site

Hello. I am Kim HyungJun.

Firstly, I am really happy to greet everyone through this wonderful Japan official homepage.
Everyone had only happy things happening right?~ That's because I prayed. For everyone to have only good things happening.

Now I can communicate with fans in Japan through this place. I will also update about myself frequently.

Recently, I have been really busy with the rehearsal for musical 'Cafe-In'.
I am also DJ-ing for 'Kim HyungJun's Music High'.
MC too.. Spending my days with tightly filled schedules.

Seems like very soon, I will be seeing everyone through the musical play.
Please give me your generous love and also unsparing interest.
Mina-san~ Aishitemasu~ Iiyoumemidaekudasai ^^ Janae
(Everyone~ I love you~ Have a sweet dream^^ Bye)

Credits : + Baidu SS501 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

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