Friday, October 22, 2010

My son!~
During the process of making such a difficult decision, you must have been so confused, troubled and pained?
Have to take into consideration of so many people, yet you, who choose good sense in the end.
Countless battles with yourself alone, as well as the decision you made on your own, I understand how tired you have been.
The lures of the glorious, looking good, fame and money……
Together with your close friendship with Kyu Jong who has yet to sign a contract, you two did not choose money, instead you both have chosen good sense…. (I want) to give my son who has grown into an adult an applause of respect for this decision.
Right now you are no longer a child, you are as adult as I am (When Dad was at son’s age, I was already my son’s dad!~keke)

Hyeong Jin called my son as “ahjussi”? ke
That’s right! ~~ My son has always been full of deep thoughts like an adult, always worrying and taking care of father and mother.
Possessing depth and a chubby face like a little prince, yet deep inside the heart he has always been an “ahjussi”! ~~ke
Actually, so do I, when my son is nagging at me, I’ll think about how “he is more of an ahjussi than I am”.

My son!~
This father who is incompetent in many ways is unable to give you a helping hand, will instead applaud your choice,
my son who always remembers the Triple S, I believe God’s blessings will always be with you.

Also, to my beloved Triple S & lovely everyone …….
You have walked to this point without much hesitation
One day, opening the mail box full of letters from the fans
reading it one by one again
crying, and smiling
Triple S & everyone who really brought both tears and smiles……
Because of that passion and love,
we are able to enjoy these lovely memories now.
We are still waiting,
waiting with passion and love.

Using the heart that will never change
With a grateful heart, and not forgetting those love and passion
From debut days, the female schoolgirl fans we saw in the train
seems to be here still……
Now that I signed up for Cyworld,
Triple S who are here with me to support my son and SS501
as well as chatting with me, smiling

Seems like the falling leaves in autumn
In order to let the heart go cold, yet still reminising those past during this autumn
Bringing all the reminiscence and memories,
searching for the warmth in winter
Please be happy! ~
Also, do not forget! ~~
Don’t be too far way! ~~
We cannot forget each other! ~~ ke
Let’s meet up often! ~~
Be careful of catching flu, fighting! ~ ^^

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