Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Park Jung Min's Upcoming Schedule

Angie Chai expresses, “Park Jungmin is currently preparing for his album recording work, and we’re still in the planning stage for his official drama production. We’ll be holding discussions with Park Jungmin until end of this year and is thinking of finding a specially tailored role for him. Naughty, humorous and also much well-loved kind of character that just fits his characteristics. For now, both the male and female lead fancies each other, and the male lead often bullies the female lead, yeah we’re thinking of that kind of style for him”.

Park Jungmin’s agency CNR Media Na Kwang-hoon representative expresses, “We’re in midst of preparing for a Korean drama for him slated to be released next half of the year. We’ve signed on with 5 writers, and is considering between the remake of Angie Chai’s work from 4 years ago — Corner of Love (originally starring Show Luo, Barbie Hsu), and MBC drama ‘Phoenix’ ‘s Lee Yoo-jin writer’s new work”.

Park Jungmin states, “I’m currently concentrating on Mandarin studying, acting classes, vocal classes, as well as Japanese language studying. Though I still have many insufficiency, I’ll work hard. Since Taiwan’s conservative restriction is less wide, if there’s a need I will rip it all off for bed scenes or exposure scenes. Because I’m alone now it feels kinda burdened, but I’ll work hard just like the Park Jungmin who has always been fun and cheerful”.

He is preparing for his Korean mini-album to be released in November, as well as a Korea fanmeeting.

After that, he will release a Mandarin album, and expects to hold fanmeeting tours in chinese-speaking countries beginning December onwards.

In addition, he is been casted as the male protagonist for an upcoming (Taiwan) drama slated for release in the upper half of 2011.Park Jung Min

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